BQP: BQP problems

Boolean Quadratic Programming:

There are currently 112 data files.


These data files are the test problems used in the working paper:

"Improved Row-by-Row method for binary quadratic optimization problems" by Rupaj Kumar Nayak, Nirmalya Kumar Mohantya,

Pranshu Malviya and Yash Pratyush Sinha.

The problem as given in the data files below is to minimize the expression

     x^T A x + b^T x

where A is a symmetric matrix and b is a vector.

The x(i) {i=1,...,n} are the binary  variables having values {-1,1}.

The test problems are the files:

set-30-1 to set-1000-1.

The test set format of these data files are: problem name-dimension-problem number.

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