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The undergraduate programme at the IIHS will offer a four year Bachelors of Urban Practice (BUP). Incoming students will be taken in from any +2 stream: science, commerce, or arts.

Over the first two years of the programme, the students will be systematically exposed to each of the IIHS knowledge clusters through core courses in each of the six IIHS schools. The students will engage with each of the above areas through both theory and practicum. In addition, they will go through meta-disciplinary learning, self-development workshops and acquire a set of critical life skills.

At the end of two years, they can choose to specialise in a range of theoretical and practice areas. The final term of their BUP will be spent undertaking a senior internship or a substantial research project.

In addition to all the above, field visits, multiple internships and study tours, learners will be get a chance to work with a slew of institutions across sectors, and working at different scales ( policy, local and site specific, grass roots level). Some of the institutions across the sectors are given below:

  • Public Sector: ULBs, PRIs, PSUs, think tanks and policy research institutes
  • Private Sector: service providers across multiple verticals and a range of advisory and consultancy firms, entreprenuers and startups
  • Social Sector: policy, advocacy, intervention and mobilisation oriented NGOs and social movements