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The Graduate Programme will offer a two year Masters of Urban Practice (MUP) and a four plus one year Integrated Masters of Urban Practice (IMUP).

The MUP degree programme will seek to create reflexive practitioners, who combine both disciplinary breadth and depth and have the appropriate perspectives, knowledge, skills and attitude to help address critical urban challenges that India will face in the coming decades.

It will strive to do so by enabling its graduate students to:

  • Deepen perspectives, knowledge and skills associated with their core disciplines and other knowledge systems, along with acquiring the epistemological capacity to critically examine them
  • Engage critically with a bouquet of disciplines beyond their specialization that are more broadly related to human settlements through exposure to theory and advanced praxis
  • Become life-long learners, innovators, entrepreneurs and change-agents through a strong grounding in systems thinking, sustainability and Indian Constitutional values
  • Envisage and craft a productive role for themselves in Indian society through critical engagement with poverty, vulnerability and diversity as well as negotiating multiple institutional agendas and contemporary social, environmental and economic challenges
  •  Develop their full human potential as distinct individuals across barriers of gender, caste, class, age, ability by making art, craft, physical culture, and philosophy an integral part of the programme

At the end of the programme, each learner would have:

  • Gained a core competence in at least one of the six IIHS schools
  • Grasped a broad, dynamic and interdisciplinary understanding of urban and regional systems
  • Learnt to work in multi-disciplinary teams to solve complex, real-time problems
  • Embraced a critical perspective rooted in a South Asia-focused but globally connected body of knowledge