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At IIHS, an integrated interdisciplinary Academic Programme will be developed, that draws upon global best practices from three clusters of conventional disciplines:

  • Design Professions: Planning, Urban and Environmental Design, Architecture, Technology, Engineering, Systems

  • Management, Social Development & Governance Professions: Management, Public Policy, Law & Governance, Political Economy, Social Policy

  • Social Sciences, the Arts and Media: Economics, Geography, Political Science, History, Sociology and the Performing and Fine Arts and Media

The academic programmes at the IIHS are comprised of:

  • Undergraduate Programme: A four-year Bachelors of Urban Practice (BUP)

  • Graduate Programme: A two-year Masters of Urban Practice (MUP) as well as a four plus one year Integrated Masters of Urban Practice (IMUP). The MUP will be the first degree programme to be initiated at IIHS, built around a set of sixteen specialisations identified as central to human settlement growth and transformation in South Asia.

  • Doctoral Programme:A four year PhD in Urban Studies and Practice

When fully developed the programme will have four separate but linked elements: 

  • An integrated interdisciplinary professional undergraduate programme

  • Multiple specialised interdisciplinary professional graduate programmes

  • A research-based doctoral programme

  • A preparatory programme for disadvantaged learners to enter the IIHS

  • A bridge programme to enable lateral entry from other programmes