IIHS will become a National Innovation University, running the following programmes:

  • Academic Programmes:

    A globally benchmarked two-year Graduate (Masters in Urban Practice) and four-year Undergraduate (Bachelors in Urban Practice) Degree Programmes building a new profession of urban practitioners, around a set of two dozen disciplines and practice areas central to South Asia’s urban transformation.

  • Research Programme:

    A doctoral and applied research programme that would help create a corpus of India-centric and relevant knowledge in its multiple areas of focus. 

  • A Distance, e-learning and mobile-learning Programme providing learning opportunities in multiple regional languages to early and mid-career professionals and stream-shifting students

  • Executive Education Programme catering to the training and development needs of public, private and civil society institutions.

  • Consultancy and Advisory Programme providing system integration support to urban renewal, infrastructure development, real estate, project management and public policy advisory services to public and civil society institutions and private developers.

  • An action oriented Research and Knowledge Generation Programme that is closely tied to the academic, advocacy and consultancy programmes.