Discussions have been initiated with the Government of India on regulatory options to incorporate and declare the IIHS as an independent National Innovation University. Work on a detailed project report is at an advanced stage, in collaboration with international consulting firms. This includes a vision and mission statement, key programme elements, curriculum, faculty and academic partner sourcing, assessment of market potential and employment opportunities, the selected regulatory framework, institutional design, legal structure, staffing, campus location and design, project costs, financing and economics.

The building of the mother campus and the introduction of its various programmes will be achieved in a phased manner over a period of several years. The first consulting services are expected to commence in late 2009; executive education in 2011 and the academic programme by 2012.

The initial estimate of the cost of the mother campus is between Rs. 150 to 300 crores ($ 35 to 70 million) depending on location and the cost of campus land.

Resource Mobilisation

The IIHS is mobilising its financial resources both from within India and internationally. An initial corpus of Rs. 25 crores to initiate implementation is being mobilised from leading corporations, high net worth individuals, global foundations and donors, of this Rs. 13 crores has already been received/committed domestically and Rs. 5 crores internationally.

Location & Campus

The IIHS is planned as a network of mother and daughter institutions reaching out across South Asia, leveraging on local knowledge and competence and linking them to global best practices.

The mother campus of at least 25 hectares with a built-up area of roughly 65,000 square metres, inclusive of student and faculty housing and related social infrastructure will be in Bangalore, following the Govt. of Karnataka’s decision to provide land, infrastructure and other support to the IIHS’s first campus. This open campus is expected to set international standards for efficient, economic and sustainable design, operations and maintenance. It will aggregate and demonstrate the talents of India’s best designers, construction agencies and artisans and become a global hub for urban knowledge and innovation.