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IIHS Curriculum Framework Conference

The IIHS Curriculum Framework Conference at the National Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS) in Bangalore (5-8th January 2010) is the third in a series of international conferences that bring together existing and new IIHS partners, advisors and stakeholders working on the interdisciplinary graduate, undergraduate and doctoral curriculum of IIHS. 

These conferences are part of a larger epistemic project that seeks to redefine the contours of a holistic and humanistic education rooted in South Asia’s cultures and contexts. IIHS will enable active reflexive learners through its curriculum that brings together the best of academic and praxis traditions from the global South and the North, while cutting through conventional disciplinary barriers. 

This conference will host close to seventy participants from India, North and Latin America, Europe and Africa including MIT, UCL, University of Cape Town and the Federal University of ABC Region, Sao Paolo. This initiative is funded through a combination of IIHS’ internal resources as well as a grant to MIT and UCL from the Rockefeller Foundation. 

The conference will review progress on the development of the IIHS interdisciplinary Masters of Urban Practice (MUP), undergraduate (BUP) and doctoral research programmes, within its Open Curriculum frame. This will be a unique opportunity for a critical examination of the current curriculum framework; the programme structure; and the interdisciplinary Commons and specialized courses, within the broader contours of India’s contemporary development and settlement challenges.

The Conference also hosts a series of public engagements as part of the publics@iihs series. See publics@iihs

For further details, contact bengaluruconference@iihs.ac.in

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