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I belong to a small town from North Gujarat, a place on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Gujarat and Rajasthan has always been a place for cultural and craft heritage. The culture, festivals and fairs have kept the people to sustain the cultural heritage at these places. Craft has always been a part of my life from the childhood. The diversity of the materials, story and curiosity to know more encouraged me to work in the craft sector. The Crafts have always been a part of the culture, need and geographical location. The Crafts have enriched our land.

I have worked with materials such as Metal, Stone, Wood, Terracotta, Bamboo and Natural Fibres. Working in the field with craftspersons has always been my area of interest. Furniture-small products have been my area of Design. Research and documentation has always filled me with enthusiasm.  Diversity in design and research has been potential parts of my process; as the whole craft sector is diversified.











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