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International High School Adds Dance Studio
By H'Rina DeTroy November 10, 2010

The opening was attended by

Brooklyn Borough President Marty

Markowitz, and featured the dance

group Abakuá.

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Jenny Lumet Grabs 'This Strange Thing Called Prom'
By Monika Bartyzel, Apr 18th 2009
In the sea of floofy, should-be-set-on-fire-and-forgotten teen films out there, there is one project I'm really looking forward to seeing -- the adaptation of the New York Times article This Strange Thing Called Prom.

Afro-Latin Dance Heats Up Prospect Heights Campus
By H'Rina DeTroy November 09, 2010
The performance was part of dance group  Abakuá's Tour of Schools, an effort to inject arts education into underserved schools in New York City

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Brooklyn International Students on 'Being American'
By Beth Fertig
, April 17, 2009
In this 400th anniversary year of Henry Hudson's voyage on a Dutch ship to what would become New York, Amsterdam and New York City are celebrating their shared history.

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The Strange Thing Called Prom
By Brooke Hauser, June 22, 2008 ...event at Giando on the Water, a popular prom location in Williamsburg. But for the...graduate on Wednesday, preparing for this quintessentially American rite of passage...afternoon last month, when members of the prom committee, which had spent weeks doing... 

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The Aspiring Principal: Alexandra Anormaliza

"I realized I wanted to be a teacher even when I was 15 years old, though there have been times in my life when I thought I wanted to do something else..."