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Room 419
, also known as the Guidance Office, is where students receive counseling and where conflicts are handled and resolved. The offices of Karena Brown and Grecia Matthews, the social workers, are located within this suite, as is the office of Miguel Antunes, the Parent Coordinator.

Useful Links for t e e n a g e r s
Covenant House


On the street? Get a shower and a meal, need help?

Call 1-800-999-9999 or

460 West 41st Street

New York, NY 10036



"Suicide prevention, info &r referral for Mental Health & Abuse Services"
New York City Youthline

Abuse Suicide etc.

1- 800-246-4646
  Safe Horizon


1-800 821-HOPE

If you are in immediate danger or are in need of emergency assistance, call 911. You can also email for help at help@safehorizon.org. If it is a non-emergency situation and you would prefer to email us, please allow 72 hours for a response. 5-The Door

The Door



Each year The Door serves more than 11,000 young people from all over New York City, aged 12-21, with a wide range of services including health care, GED and English language classes, tutoring and homework help, college preparation and computer classes, career development and training, job placement, legal services, arts, daily meals, sports and recreational activities all under one roof.