Our week in kindergarten:

Thank you for continuing to send folders everyday.  Also please continue to send water bottles for them to get drinks easily and more often.  This week we continued to learn new routines like all of our safety drills.

Zoo Phonics homework will begin this Monday. Please work on this with your child and have them complete as much as they can themselves. This will come home each week we have a new letter on Mondays and due by Thursdays.  The directions are on the inside cover, please let me know if you have any questions.

  • Continued to practice left/right and first next last
  • Learned the sight word: can
  • Wrote about something they can do
  • Read the book Hands can and talked about all the things hands can do- then used some measuring skills with paper hands and measured things around the room
  • Read the mini book I can
  • Practiced writing can using different utensils 
  • Wrote our first journals using sound spelling where we stretch out the word and write all of the sounds we can hear
  • Added the poem "I See the Moon" to our poetry folders
All day
  • Sorted pictures of day and night
  • Wrote two sight words "I can.." can drew a picture to complete the sentence

  • We learned about the numbers 0 and 1
  • We learned a poem that helps us write the numbers correctly- we always start at the top
All day-
  • We practiced shapes and made them using play-dough, geo-boards and dot to dots
  • We connected with our Religion and how God created the sun.  We learned about how the Earth orbits around the sun and how this affects our day/night
All day-
  • We learned more about how the Earth orbits around the sun and the moon orbits around the Earth and created a model to show this
  • Ch 2- God Gives us Light- we talked about the importance of the Sun and light and different ways we have light
  • We drew and colored pictures for our Thank you prayer
  • We celebrated mass with our 4th grade prayer partners and did a great job! The next mass we will go to is Oct. 11

Social studies
  • We celebrated Constitution Day by learning about rules and the importance of rules and laws and learned about the pledge of allegiance 
All day
  • We talked about manners and why they are important and learned a song to help us remember them