Our week in kindergarten:

main idea, rhyme, story patterns  
Sight word- you
Made a class book about what they would wish for at the end of a rainbow
Practiced rhyming
Practiced forming the letters we've learned using rainbow writing

All day:
Started a journal about our favorites, this week we wrote about our favorite restaurant
Had a sight word snow ball fight, each wrote our sight words on snow ball papers, then crumpled them into a snowball, read the word then crumpled it up again and threw to the other side of the room

Reviewed how to use a ruler and measured things around the room then measured rainbow ribbon 
Rolled a die and used a chart to draw a rocket
Practiced writing the numbers 1-10
Practiced skip counting
All day:
Used a 10 frame app to practice adding sets of numbers to gather to make 10

We learned about balance and symmetry, we practiced this by putting our arms out and standing on one foot, then tried to balance a robot on our finger and experimenting where to put the paper clips, we found that the bottom on each side made it balance then taped pennies to make it heavier 
All Day:
We made a robot glider by using string, straws and a paper robot

We learned about the Holy Family. We colored a picture of our family and Jesus' family and talked about Jesus' life as a boy and connected his family with our own

Social Studies-
We talked about responsibility, we read our Social Studies Weekly and listed responsibilities they have at home and at school
All day:
We learned a little about Russia and made our own paper nesting dolls

Zoo Phonics Snack
Thank you to Roman's family for the Rice Krispie Treats for letter R snack!

January 18- E- Johnston
January 25- B- Graham 

Thank you for volunteering to bring in our letter snack, please bring the snack in on Wednesday

Roman was our VIP this week! He shared pictures of his family.  His dad was our guest reader.  He showed us his blanket from when he was a baby.  His favorite toy was a Paw Patrol spinning light that he got from the Paw Patrol show.  He had a Paw Patrol police car in the surprise box.  Thank you Roman for being our VIP!

Next VIP: Jan 23-27- Connor
Important dates:
January 23- Luminaries for Life- We will be praying outside with the whole school and the Bishop at 8am, please send your child to school wearing their snow pants and snow gear

January 30- February 3- Catholic schools week- more details to come

February 6- 100th day of school- we will be dressing up as 100 year olds and bring in a collection of 100 things- more details will be coming home

February 14- Valentine's Day party- students are invited to bring in simple valentines for each child in our class, we have 13 students

February 16- Field trip to the children's museum, we will leave IHM at 12:30 and return at 2:30

Sight words to know and practice: 
good, I, can, we, the, like, a, see, be, go, to, have, of, is, play, are, for

Next book orders will be in January


Class Code - HG7VB

Order Due Date -  January 19th

Here are a few links to great websites for you to enjoy with your children: 

Starfall      Storyline Online   Sheppard Software
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