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Newsletter -  March

On Monday we prepared for "Dr. Seuss Day" this Thursday by reading The Cat in the Hat.  They painted red and white striped Cat in the Hat hats!  They also painted the Cat's bow-tie red and put glitter on it for extra pizazz.  We brainstormed Letter 'D' words.
We also talked about the season of Lent and how our prayer table will now have a purple cloth beginning on Wednesday.  They are on the edge of their seats when we read Dinosaurs Before Dark!  At the end of the day we went outside.

On Tuesday we continued to read Dinosaurs Before Dark.  Juniper shared the Dinosaur  Pet Manual and told us fun things about her imaginary friend.
We went to Catechesis today and learned about the Good Shepherd:

"This week we heard the parable of the Good Shepherd.  We focused on the most important aspect for the littlest children… Which is that the Good Shepherd knows each sheep by name, and the sheep follow Him because they know His voice.  As they get older we will build on this, and they will recognize that the Good Shepherd is Jesus and we are the sheep.  We are careful not to rob the children of the opportunity to figure it out for themselves, and wonder what Jesus could have meant when he told this parable.  There are many future lessons that build on this one!"

In preparation for Lent they had their hand painted either gold or silver and they were placed on an imprint of Jesus' hand.  The title says, " Jesus Holds Us in the Palm of his Hand."  These are hanging in our classroom.
Lastly, to continue with our Dr. Seuss day celebration on Thursday, they made cat whiskers.

On Wednesday we read How Full is Your Bucket for Kids.  We continued to talk about Lent.  Today we started sharing their Lenten crosses that they made at home – these beautiful crosses are up near our front door as a reminder of the promises they have made for Lent.  We learned a new sight word, "my."

For Letter 'D' snack we had 'Dirt' (crushed Oreos) with pudding and gummi worms.  Really fun!  And delicious!  Thank you Madison Family.
Young 5's played the card game 'War' with our Watch Dog dad, Mr. Lentine.  This was a great game to emphasize less than, greater than, and equal to Math concepts.
Today they drew a picture of themselves and wrote their name for the February 'This is Me' page.  These will be included in their year-end Portfolio's.  
We completed hats and bow ties for Cat in the Hat day.

On Thursday we celebrated Juniper's half birthday with cookie bars.  Crushed Oreos baked in cookie dough with M&M's.  Yum!  Happy half birthday Juniper!
It was Cat in the Hat Day!  They put on their hats, bow ties, and whiskers and then we headed next door for Spanish and then off to celebrate with Ms. Crimmins' 4th grade class!  The 4th graders read their favorite Dr. Seuss books to the Young 5's.  It was a really fun day.  We read Are You My Mother?- a Dr. Seuss classic.  
On Friday we read Dinosaur Fossils.  Andrew H. shared the Dinosaur Pet Manual.  Very funny!  Today they free painted a dinosaur that will be saved for the Spring Art Show.  They worked on their letter 'D' workbook pages and practiced reading their new sight word 'my.'  At the end of the day we went outside.

Congratulations to the Haines Family who welcomed a new baby girl home!  Andrew, Matthew and Logan are proud big brothers of baby Evelyn.

We are running low on Apple Juice.  If you already donated two bottles thank you!

Next Week:  Letter 'X'. Aye Matey!  Pirate week!  Treasure Hunt!
Letter 'X' Snack:  Mrs. DeVito

St. Patrick's Day Treat March 16, Thursday:  English Family.  Thank you!

No School March 15.  Kindergarten Round up.  Make sure to sign up at the school office.

No school March 17

February 10
On Monday we read The Day it Rained Hearts.  As an extension we decorated our Valentine's Day bags with colorful umbrellas and raining hearts.
We read the Bible story about Joseph and his many colored coat.  For Math we did a greater than/less than/equal to/ activity on the whiteboard.
At the end of the day we went outside to play.

On Tuesday we read 100 Snowmen.  In preparation for 100 Day they each made a 100 Day hat!  For Math today we continued our workbook pages on 1-1 correspondence.  For Science the nurses came in and talked about the 'organ wise guys' again and how eating healthy food keeps them strong.  For Religion, we read about David entering Jericho and destroying the wall.  At the end of the day we had quiet reading.

On Wednesday we read Valentine's Bears.  For Math they sorted hearts and made patterns.  They completed their 'Things I Love' book with markers and glitter.  We watched a short clip of Curious George learning to count to 100 in sets of 10's.  They also watched a short episode of Curious George building an igloo, a good science lesson.  At the end of the day we went outside to play.

On Thursday we re-read the Bible story about Joseph.   As 'Prayer Person' each day it is their choice what story they want me to read.  They like Old Testament stories!   After Spanish they used red, purple, pink and white paint with eye droppers to create some cool symmetrical designs on hearts.  We reviewed our sight words.  At the end of the day they had Music with Mrs. Davis- dancing to the twist! 

Friday was our 100 Day Celebration.  They wore their 100 Day Hats.  (See picture below).  We read I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words and My First Book of 100 Words.  We counted to 100 by ones and tens.  They wrote the number 100 on their "I Can Write to 100" page.  We shared 100 snacks! They did a pre-writing activity, 'I Wish I Had 100...' And 'I Would Not Like 100...' Then they drew pictures.  These will be saved for their end of the year Portfolio.  We shared our 100 Day Collections!  There were Legos, marshmallows, rubber bands, dinosaurs, marigold seeds and more!  It was a fun-filled busy day.  We even squeezed Library into our day.  We didn't have time to go outside!

Next week:  Letter 'F'
Letter 'F' Snack:  Mrs. DeVito

Tuesday is Valentine's Party!
No School February 20-21.

Apple Juice:  if you have sent your 2 bottles of juice Thank you!

January 3-6, 2017

On Tuesday we had a fun and busy day!  We brainstormed letter "A" words, shared our favorite Christmas gift, and read a funny book, Aliens Love Underpants. To continue the story they decorated a pair of  "bloomers" for the aliens with neon colored crayons.  Then they water-colored over their crayon designs and enjoyed seeing the crayon resist the paint.
They started to learn 'The Pledge of Allegiance',  began our new 2017 calendar and tracing the days of the week.   We started a Math unit on patterns.  They sat as teams and created simple AB patterns as an extension to the lesson.  At the end of the day they had Music with Mrs. Davis.
On Wednesday we continued to talk about the silly book Aliens Love Underpants.   They did a pre-writing activity - "if an alien came to visit, what would you do?"  They came up with cute answers.   We read another silly book, The Anteater Who Didn't Like Ants.  We reviewed all of our sight words and brainstormed more letter 'a' words.  For Math, we continue to create patterns.  For a challenge, they worked in groups to find objects in the classroom to create a pattern.  One group designed an AB pattern- 'super hero, block, super hero, block'.  They all used great mathematical skills to discover patterns. At the end of the day we danced to 'Animal Action' and sang our favorite song, 'Light of the World.'
On Thursday they had time to finish their aliens by adding legs, antennae and facial features.  These are on display in our room. They are fantastic!  We read about Joshua in the Bible.  They finished the Math unit on patterns and then went to Spanish. We started the 'Me Bag' again!  At the end of the day we went to Mrs. Tallman's room and played the game  'Where is Snowman' and danced to the silly song 'Tooty Ta.'
On Friday we watched the author read There's an Alligator Under My Bed on the whiteboard!  They loved it.  After Library, we played a really fun game- "DONT EAT PETE" with M&M's.  We sent someone out of the room and then they had to guess where Pete was on the board.  They could eat M&M's until they found Pete.   It was fun.  At the end of the day we had Good News and Prizes.

Next week:  Letter W-Willie Weasel
Letter "W" Snack:  Matthew Haines 
*Star Student:  Andrew Thomasma
Wednesday will be "Wacky Wednesday"!  Wear mixed-up clothes, color hair, different socks, shoes etc.!  It is going to be so Fun!  I told them they could even wear Halloween costumes, because that is definitely WACKY!  Any thing they choose is fine! (Some of the girls want to wear fancy dresses or P.J's)
No school Monday, January 16.
On Thursday night January 26 we are having an Open House for new families for 3's, 4's, and Young 5's for the Fall of 2017.  If you know of any new families, please refer them to us!  We want to keep our school growing! Open House is from 6:00pm-7:00pm.