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January 3-6, 2017

On Tuesday we had a fun and busy day!  We brainstormed letter "A" words, shared our favorite Christmas gift, and read a funny book, Aliens Love Underpants. To continue the story they decorated a pair of  "bloomers" for the aliens with neon colored crayons.  Then they water-colored over their crayon designs and enjoyed seeing the crayon resist the paint.
They started to learn 'The Pledge of Allegiance',  began our new 2017 calendar and tracing the days of the week.   We started a Math unit on patterns.  They sat as teams and created simple AB patterns as an extension to the lesson.  At the end of the day they had Music with Mrs. Davis.
On Wednesday we continued to talk about the silly book Aliens Love Underpants.   They did a pre-writing activity - "if an alien came to visit, what would you do?"  They came up with cute answers.   We read another silly book, The Anteater Who Didn't Like Ants.  We reviewed all of our sight words and brainstormed more letter 'a' words.  For Math, we continue to create patterns.  For a challenge, they worked in groups to find objects in the classroom to create a pattern.  One group designed an AB pattern- 'super hero, block, super hero, block'.  They all used great mathematical skills to discover patterns. At the end of the day we danced to 'Animal Action' and sang our favorite song, 'Light of the World.'
On Thursday they had time to finish their aliens by adding legs, antennae and facial features.  These are on display in our room. They are fantastic!  We read about Joshua in the Bible.  They finished the Math unit on patterns and then went to Spanish. We started the 'Me Bag' again!  At the end of the day we went to Mrs. Tallman's room and played the game  'Where is Snowman' and danced to the silly song 'Tooty Ta.'
On Friday we watched the author read There's an Alligator Under My Bed on the whiteboard!  They loved it.  After Library, we played a really fun game- "DONT EAT PETE" with M&M's.  We sent someone out of the room and then they had to guess where Pete was on the board.  They could eat M&M's until they found Pete.   It was fun.  At the end of the day we had Good News and Prizes.

Next week:  Letter W-Willie Weasel
Letter "W" Snack:  Matthew Haines 
*Star Student:  Andrew Thomasma
Wednesday will be "Wacky Wednesday"!  Wear mixed-up clothes, color hair, different socks, shoes etc.!  It is going to be so Fun!  I told them they could even wear Halloween costumes, because that is definitely WACKY!  Any thing they choose is fine! (Some of the girls want to wear fancy dresses or P.J's)
No school Monday, January 16.
On Thursday night January 26 we are having an Open House for new families for 3's, 4's, and Young 5's for the Fall of 2017.  If you know of any new families, please refer them to us!  We want to keep our school growing! Open House is from 6:00pm-7:00pm.