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Preschool – 4’s Newsletter

On Wednesday we read Wacky Wednesday.  For our letter 'W' snack Helen brought in fresh juicy watermelon and gummi worms.  Great idea and fun!  Thank you Becker family!
At Centers they finished their chicks and did the Letter 'W' page for their ABC book- a watermelon!
At the end of the day we went outside to play.
On Friday we watched a video about Blue Whales and read a non-fiction book describing whales. At Centers they did a pre-writing activity by giving a fact about whales and then drew a whale.   Some wrote the word "whale" by themselves!
We also read Our Big Home and talked about our Earth and all of God's creation.  We sang the song "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands."  They created a beautiful Earth using blue and green paint.  These turned out awesome!  As an extension, we watched a fun video about the planet Earth on the whiteboard.  They begged to watch it again!
For our Science experiment Mabyn brought in the Walking Water experiment!  It was so fun to see the red and yellow water mix into a separate jar to create orange water!
At the end of the day we went outside.

Next Week Letter X
Letter X Snack:  Bunce Family.  Wednesday April 26.


- As the weather warms up, we hope to be going outside each morning.  Please send your child in coats and shoes ready for outside play.

Upcoming Dates:

- Tuesday, May 9– Art Show and VIP day.
-  More details to come soon!

-  May 26 – Last Day of 4’s Preschool

We had a fun week in Preschool.  We learned about our new Zoo friend, Sammy Snake, his motion and his sound.  We also had a week full of Dr. Seuss activities!

On Monday we read How Full is Your Bucket.     We talked about Lent and our Lenten Crosses.  At Centers they used the colors green, black and yellow to create a snake for their ABC Book.  At the other table they drew a picture of themselves for the "This is Me" February page in their Portfolio.  They also wrote their name.
After Library we danced to the Rock and Roll Freeze Dance!

Wednesday was Ash Wednesday Mass.  You can be very proud of your children- they were excellent.  When Mass was finished we went back to the classroom and had Free Choice.  We played a game of 'Go Fish.'  At the end of the day we had snack and quiet reading.

On Friday we read The Cat in the Hat!    They are continuing to learn how to write their name by tracing the letters of their name each day.  They also free painted the Cat in the Hat!  These will be saved for the Spring Art Show. 
We went to Catechesis today and learned about the Good Shepherd. 
"This week we heard the parable of the Good Shepherd.  We focused on the most important aspect for the littlest children… Which is that the Good Shepherd knows each sheep by name, and the sheep follow Him because they know His voice.  As they get older we will build on this, and they will recognize that the Good Shepherd is Jesus and we are the sheep.  We are careful not to rob the children of the opportunity to figure it out for themselves, and wonder what Jesus could have meant when he told this parable.  There are many future lessons that build on this one!"  
Today we started sharing their Lenten crosses that they made at home – these beautiful crosses are up near our front door as a reminder of the promises they have made for Lent.

We are running short on apple juice.  If you have already donated your two bottles thank you!

Next Week:  Letter 'T'
Letter 'T' Snack:  Takus Family
St. Patrick's Day:  Friday March 17
St. Patrick's Day Treat:  Yost Family.  Thank You!
Drink:  Ryan Trierweiler.  Thank You!
Paper Products:  Huffman Family.  Thank You!

No School March 15!  Kindergarten Roundup


On Monday we read Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch.  Today they water-colored Valentine's cards for someone special.  At Centers they had fun developing their fine motor skills- punching holes into a paper heart. It was hard work!  After Library we watched a math song 'Ten in the Bed' on the whiteboard and then learned more about the calendar with the interactive whiteboard.
We are still having fun with the Estimation Jar!

On Wednesday we read The Day it Rained Hearts.  For Centers they wrote Valentine words on red hearts to take home.  They also wrote "I Love You" on the inside of a Valentine card and signed their name!  At the end of the day we went outside to play.

On Friday we read Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch.   Centers were very busy and fun today.  We gave them a choice of 2 activities to select from :  a free paint, a stained glass heart made with tissue paper, a symmetrical eye dropper heart activity, and a coffee filter colored with purple and red markers sprayed with water to create a really cool effect.  We switched with Mrs. Tallman’s class and the boys and girls got to play in the other room as well.  At the end of the day we had Music with Mrs. Davis.

Student Progress reports will come home Monday in time for Conferences.  The Progress Report shows the area we look for development in throughout the year.  This gives parents a good idea as to what we look for in Preschool, as well as how your child is progressing.  Please remember, that "P" progressing is what we are looking for. 

 -No school February 20 or February 21!

-  Valentine’s Day is Monday!  Bringing in valentines for the class is a great way to celebrate.  If you do send in valentines, please send in one for each student.  There are 14 preschoolers.  Don’t worry about putting names on the valentines – it is easier for your child to pass them out if there are no names on them.  Feel free to put whom it is from, though!

Next Week:  Letter R and Valentine's Day
Letter 'R' Snack:  Yost Family.  Thank You!
Apple Juice:  if you have sent your 2 bottles of juice Thank you!

This week we focused on the Letter "M"-Missy Mouse her sound and motion.  We also had fun with snowmen!  Christina Dim was Special Person of the Week.  *(See below for her All About Me info)

On Wednesday we read There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow.  At Centers they cut out a mouse, added eyes, ears and a tail for their ABC Book.  At the other Center they started a free paint snowman using q-tips for his head, body and snow. These are hanging in the Preschool entryway.   For an interest area, they played with different sizes of magnets and created elaborate houses and structures.  They also wrote the letter "m" in their Portfolio.   For our Letter "m" snack we had delicious mini muffins of assorted favors!  Thank you Yost family!
At the end of the day we did a shared writing on the whiteboard:  "My favorite Christmas gift" and and then we danced to songs from the new CD from Christmas and did the Animal Action Song and the Freeze Dance.

On Friday we read Snowman at Christmas.  For Centers they finished their snow globe snowman adding all the features using q-tips with different colored paint.  They also had another lesson in Math reviewing one-to-one correspondence.  They sorted and counted M&M's, and then we wrote their totals on the sheet.  We will continue to work with number recognition and counting.  At the end of the day we read The Snow Globe Family.  They had a chance to look at snow globes and shake them!

For our science experiment we used magnets to move an ice skater on paper clips!  It was really fun. We danced with ice skates in Music class with Mts. Davis.


Letter "N" snack Wednesday Jan. 11:  Yost Family.  Thank you!

Letter "O" snack Wednesday Jan.18:  Volunteer?  Thank you!

Again, a huge thank you for the Christmas gifts from the class.

Estimation Jar starts on Monday!  Look for it coming home in the next three weeks! 

GYMCO is Friday January 20. Permission slips due January 13.   If you are not driving make sure you drop off a booster seat!

No school on Monday January 16th.

Open House:  On Thursday night January 26 we are having an Open House for new families of 3's, 4's, and Young 5's for the Fall of 2017.  If you know of any new families, please refer them to us!  We want to keep our school growing! Open House is from 6:00pm-7:00pm.

All About Me*

My name is: Christina 

My favorite sport is: soccer

My favorite color is: black

My favorite animal is: penguins

My favorite food is:  sugar

My favorite song is: Twinkle Twinkle

My favorite TV show is: 

My favorite toy is:  Princess Castle from Frozen

I am really good at: painting

When I grow up I want to be: a Princess


We had another great week in Preschool.  We learned about our friend 'Francy Fish' her sound and motion.  Special person of the Week: Christiana Isham.  See her 'All About Me' information below!

On Monday we read Curious George at the Fire Station.  The GR Fire Department came and talked to the Preschooler's about fire safety.  It was very informative, but most of all- very fun!  We also finished our elephants by adding the eyes, so cute! They also had a chance to tell us their favorite part of the Orchard Hill field trip and then they drew a picture about it in their Notebooks. At the end of the day they went outside to play.

On Wednesday we read Pumpkin Countdown.  We talked about the firefighters visit  and then they drew a picture in their notebooks about what they learned about fire safety.   We also free painted pumpkins which will be turned into Jack-o-lanterns.
For our letter 'f' snack, we had French toast sticks and fruit punch.  Delicious!  Thank you Bunce family!
Mabyn's mom came in and had the students make a class platter for the mega raffle auction coming up the beginning of November.  Consider bidding on this wonderful keepsake – it is adorable!  Thank you to Mrs. Huffman for coming into class to get the fingerprints. They also had Spanish class today and learned their first five numbers.
They wrote the letter 'f' in their notebooks.  At the end of the day we went outside.

On Friday we read Rainbow Fish. For their ABC book they put colorful tissue paper on a fish template.  At the other Center they added eyes, nose, and a mouth to create their Jack-o-lanterns.  These are hanging in our room!  For science we had a fun 'sink or float' activity!  We practiced the fun poem 'Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Gate.'  I have included the words for you below.  Encourage your child to say the poem for you!
We went into Mrs. Tallman's class and played a fun 'hide and seek' game, Where is Pumpkin?
We celebrated Alexis' birthday!  She treated us to delicious brownies!  Thank you!  Happy Birthday Alexis!
At the end of the day we went outside.

Halloween Week:  October 31
Halloween Snack:  Walsh Family.  Thank you!
Halloween Drink: Yost Family.  Thank you!
Paper Products:  Shumard/Larabel Family.  Thank You!

Halloween Party is Monday October 31.  Come in costumes the whole day!  Parade in the big school at 10am.  All are welcome!!

Next Friday is a half day for the whole school (with 11:00 dismissal).  Due to this, we will have students ready for dismissal at 10:45.  You will not be able to drive though the lot after 10:50.  If you pick up after 10:50, we suggest you park in the church lot (not the lot in between the gym and big playground/fields, as that turns into a car line for all students) and walk to the preschool building.  Thank you for your help in making this a safe and quick dismissal for all students!
  Our Lap Time program is Thursday.  During Lap Time, caregivers and their little ones (ages 0-5) are guided through prayer, song, storytelling, and a craft activity.  This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other families and become familiar with IHM and our preschool teachers.

                                           Lap Time will include:

                         ~ Songs        ~ Catholic focus         ~ Prayer

       ~ Creative movement     ~ Finger plays

                ~ Crafts    ~Socialization with other families

Join us in the Gym lobby from 10:00-10:45.  I would love to see you!

All About Me*

My name is: Christiana

My favorite sport is: basketball

My favorite color is: pink and purple

My favorite animal is: a horse

My favorite food is: fried chicken and rice

My favorite song is:  Twinkle Twinkle

My favorite TV show is: Elsa and Dora

My favorite toy is: Elsa

I am really good at: basketball

When I grow up I want to be: a doctor

♫ Five Little Pumpkins  ♫

Five little pumpkins, sitting on a gate       (hold up five fingers)
The first one said, “Oh, my, it’s getting late!”  (hold up one finger and 
point to ‘watch’)
The second one said, “There are witches in the air.”  (hold up two fingers 
and then make them ‘fly’)

The third one said, “But we don’t care.” (hold up three fingers and then 
shake a finger)
The fourth one said, “Let’s run and run and run.” (hold up four fingers 
and then make running motions with arms)
The fifth one said, “I’m ready for some fun!” (hold up five fingers and 
     then put arms out to sides)
Whoooooo went the wind        (move arms in front with waving motions)
And out went the lights            (clap hands)
And the five little pumpkins     (hold up five fingers)
Rolled out of sight                     (rolling motion with both arms)

We had a wonderful week of Preschool!  We continue to learn our letters – this week “E”, Ellie Elephant and her sound and motion.  We also continue to have fun with the 'Me Bag.'   Special Person of the week: Helen Becker (*see below)

On Monday, we read Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg.  At Centers they did their “E” page by water-coloring an egg beautiful colors.   They finished their dinosaurs adding eyes and spikes. They also went to library -one of their favorite activities.  At the end of the day they went outside.  Thank you to Mrs. Price and Debbie Shumard for filling in for Mrs. Cummings and I,  as we were at a conference.

On Wednesday we read a Gerald and Piggie book.  We also spent time working in our notebooks, writing the letter 'e'.  You will see great improvement over the school year!  They finished their Fall trees by adding red, yellow, orange and purple leaves.  These are hanging in our Preschool entryway.  They also free painted a cute elephant.  These will be saved for the Spring Art Show.  We had a special letter "e" snack!  We had Eskimo cookies and Elf cookies!  Delicious and so cute!  Thank you Takus family.  We are learning a new poem, 'Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate!'  We also are learning a new song, 'Light of the World', a favorite from VBS!
At the end of the day we went outside.

On Friday we went to Orchard Hill Farm and had a fabulous morning.  We went on a hayride that took us past cornfields and animals.  We stopped at the pumpkin patch and everyone got to pick out a cute pumpkin to take home!  We learned all about the Honey Bee and how important their job is to our fruits and vegetables.  We enjoyed eating delicious donuts and drinking apple cider.  At the end of our fun day we enjoyed looking at the goats, chickens, roosters and turkeys!  Many thanks to all the parents that accompanied us and made the day run so smoothly.

Next week:  Letter F
Letter F Snack: Bunce Family.  Thank you!
Halloween Week:  October 31
Halloween Snack:  Walsh Family.  Thank you!
Halloween Drink: Yost Family.  Thank you!
Paper Products:  Shumard/Larabel Family.  Thank You!

Halloween Party is Monday October 31.  Come in costumes!  Parade in the big school!
All About Me*

My name is: Helen
My favorite sport is: ballet
My favorite color is: pink
My favorite animal is: monkeys and elephants
My favorite food is:vegetables, blueberries, and strawberries
My favorite song is: Light of the World from VBS
My favorite TV show is: Cat in the Hat
My favorite toy is: Cat in the Hat and Tinkerbell my Tooth Fairy
I am really good at: drawing my name
When I grow up I want to be: a grown up


What a fantastic first week of Preschool!  We continue to learn more about each other, our room, and some rules and routines.  We also started our Zoo Phonics by learning about Allie Alligator and the letter ‘A’.

We are sharing our Family Pictures as they come in!

On Monday we read There’s An Alligator Under My Bed.  Allie Alligator’s sound and motion, as well as the letter ‘a’ were introduced. Today we started our ABC Books by cutting out an apple and gluing that and a stem to the ‘a’ page.  We will work on our ABC Books each week, adding a new page for each letter.  These will go home at the end of the year. 

Matthew Bunce brought in delicious Zucchini bread to share and it was gobbled up by all the Preschoolers!  Thank you Bunce family.

At the end of the day we went outside to play.

On Wednesday, we read Designed by God, So I Must Be Special.  We talked of the ways we are each special, either in the things we are good at or the things we like to do.  They added their special thing to a picture they are making of themselves.  We also learned a new song, "I Am Special."

We talked about the rules we have in our classroom and how these rules are meant to keep us safe and happy!  As we discussed the rules in our classroom we found that they all fit into a very simple rule – Be Nice.  This is our motto and class rule for the year – they then all signed this rule with a fingerprint and it will be displayed in our classroom as a reminder.  

For our letter 'a' snack Lucy and Ava brought in animal crackers!  The preschoolers had fun finding our Zoofriends in their baggies.  Thank you Walsh family! At the end of the day we went outside!

On Friday we read David Goes to School.  We did our first weekly Science experiment (which correspond to the letter we’re learning).  Today we used three apple slices to see what would happen if we did nothing to one, added water to another, and added lemon juice to the third.  We checked on the apple slices throughout the morning.  Ask your child what we discovered! 

Each week they will also practice writing our new letter in their Preschool Notebooks, so today they wrote the letter ‘a’.

They also had fun playing the game 'What's Missing' with our letter 'a' bin. Mrs. Cummings tried to trick them- but she couldn't!

At the end of the day we went outside.

Next Week:  We will learn about Bubba Bear and the letter ‘b’.


-  Alphabet Snacks

Sept. 21– B –Buehler Family, Thank You!

Sept. 28- C –Hoekstra Family, Thank You!

-  We are still collecting $10.00 for snacks and supplies.  I am still missing several forms!  Please fill those out and get them back by Monday!  Thank you for sending those in.  And again, your generosity with the Helping Hands has been incredible.  I really can't thank you enough!

-Make sure your child's backpack is labeled and as the weather turns colder, their jackets and coats!  And- lunch boxes if staying for Child Care.

-Please pull up as far as you can when we are dismissing students.  We can't block Plymouth.  Thank you.

-Hot lunch is available for children staying for Child Care.  Please let me know the day before if your child needs hot lunch.  We have to notify the office by 9:00am!

-We have a Preschooler who has Type 1 Diabetes.  Her grandma would like to show a short movie (Calliou) next week and discuss briefly why she needs an insulin shot given each day at school.  If you do not want your child to participate, please email me as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful weekend!























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