Mrs. Tallman - Preschool 4s Newsletter

Week of September 11-15

Preschool – 4s 

What a fantastic first week of Preschool! We continue to learn more about each other, our room, and some rules and routines. We learned about how special we all are and how much Jesus loves us!

On Monday we read I Know Jesus Loves Me. We started sharing their family pictures and the Me Bag will begin making the rounds to each student.  The students then worked on putting the letters of their name in order – it was like a puzzle and when they were done they saw it made a pencil!  Great practice and fun for letter recognition!  These will come home soon for you to try together. They also had a chance to play a fun game – Koala Capers.  In small groups they practiced following the rules of the game and taking turns.  We ended the day playing outside! 

On Wednesday we read Fill A Bucket.  We talked about ways to be a good friend and how our actions and words help “fill the buckets” of those around us.  This led us to our main rule at preschool – Be Nice!  They then agreed to follow this rule by adding their thumbprint and name to the paper – this will be displayed all year as a reminder.  Today they had their first trip to our school library.  They met Mrs. Kuzma, listened to stories, and had a chance to bring a book back to our classroom (these books will stay at school).  We will go to Library every other Wednesday morning.  We also went over by church for an all school photo, so they had lots of practice following a line and listening well to directions.  We ended the day having fun outside!

On Friday we read Designed By God, So I Must Be Special.  We talked about how God made each of us unique and how special we all are!  Later they made a picture of themselves which will later be displayed as we begin our ‘Special Person of the Week’.  (A few will be finished on Monday too).  Today we had school pictures taken and also had a lockdown drill.  The kids did a great job following directions!  We then enjoyed the beautiful weather by playing outside.  It was a great week of learning more about school and our friends!

Next Week: We will begin our Zoo Phonics program.  We will learn more about Catina Cat and the letter C.  


- Alphabet Snacks – Please send a snack for our class (17 students) beginning with the letter for that week. Thank you! 

-  Sept. 20 – C –  Depenbrok

-  Sept. 27 – K –  Sombati

(The snack sign up sheet is available online also. It is on my page, which is found under the Academics heading. Once on my page, it is located on the upper left hand side). 

- We are still collecting $10.00 for snacks, as well as paper towels, glue sticks, clorox wipes, 3 bottles apple juice, and a white 1” binder. Thank you for sending those in! 

- Please remember to send in the following as soon as possible: Media Form, Medical Release, Concussion Awareness form, and Parent Questionnaire. We are also sharing My Family and Me pictures. 

- Thank you for sending in supplies from our Wish List/Helping Hands. We appreciate your generosity! 

Have a wonderful weekend!