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Our field trip to Meijer Gardens

Kindergarten Knews

For Mrs. Sova on April 21, 2017


      We had quite a week with queenie quail.  We took a quiet quiz and wrote about things that are quiet.  We made a kindergarten quilt and played a game of Slap-Q (think Slap Jack).  We ate fresh cheese quesadilla with sour cream (thanks, Sombati family).  We counted with Q-tips and used them to paint pretty spring flowers, too.  No question it was fun!


Our next Zoophonics friend is Jerry jellyfish.  The Depenbrok family volunteered to send in a Jj snack on 4/26.

The following Zoo friend will be Yancy yak.  The Depenbrok family volunteered for the Yy snack on 5/3.  THANK YOU!

Weekly info:


Reading skills: making connections, blends, using pictures to draw conclusions.

In Reading we worked with words that begin with the letter Q, which of course also contain the letter “u.”  Queenie quail and umber umbrella bird are quality friends.

Our new sight words: "me" and "my."

We wrote about things that are quiet.

We read color words to color a quilt.

Our poem this week was "Humpty Dumpty" in honor of Easter and our incubating chicken eggs.

Made a paper quilt of kindergarten activities.

Sorted letters into p, b, d, and q groups.


Went on an exploration to find words that rhymed with each other.


We did a color-by-numbers addition for Earth Day.

We counted and drew q-tips to practice addition.

We worked on counting by 5's. 10's and to 30 by 2's.


We worked on counting by 2's by counting flower pots with 2 flowers each.


For science, we used our sense of hearing to compare loud and quiet sounds.  We closed our eyes and guessed different sounds of varying volumes.  Then we labeled sounds quiet and loud in a quiet quiz.  We also started incubating Isa Brown chicken eggs in our classroom.  They will take 21 days to be ready (about May 5).  We will be learning all about the life cycle of chickens in a couple of weeks and will be praying to St. Francis, patron saint of animals, that the chicks are all growing well!


We went on a QUEST, using paper binoculars that we decorated, to find signs of Spring.  We recorded our findings in writing and drawing.


In Religion, we celebrated the Easter story.  We also focused on taking care of the Earth God has gifted to us by reading books, practicing recycling using a sorting game, and writing about how we will help the earth.

Our next All School Mass is in on May 3 - May crowning


We completed our charts of needs/wants and did an assessment to see if we understood this concept.


We watched a video from the U.S. Mint to learn how quarters are made.  We played a heads and tails quarter-flip game and did crayon rubbings of state quarters.