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Kindergarten Knews

For Mrs. Sova on March 17, 2017


      We met willie weasel during this wonderful week.  We filled it with weighing, W-books, water colored water lilies, and word searches.  We were able to celebrate 2 kindergarten birthdays for Adrian and Isabel.  We had Vanilla Wafers with white milk to drink (thank you Wilber family) and also tried Werthers candies and whale-shaped crackers.  We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with delicious cupcakes (thanks, Meads) and juice boxes (thanks again, Wilbers) on green plates (thanks, O’Rourkes).  We watched some Irish dancing that inspired us to try out some jigging in our classroom and heard Mr. Thomasma play the bagpipes.  Wow!  What a week!  



Our next Zoophonics friend is Xavier fox.  The Schautz family volunteered to send in a Xx snack on 3/22.

The following Zoo friend will be Vincent vampire bat.  The Tietema family volunteered for the Vv snack on 4/12.  THANK YOU!

Weekly info:


Reading skills: categorization, reading for information and supporting it in the text

Our new sight word: "he"

We had fun finding our sight words in a wordsearch.

We read Kevin Henke's book Wemberly Worried.  We talked and wrote about things we are worried about and what to do about those worries.  We made paintings of Wemberly.

We illustrated a water cycle song/poem.


We read Where the Wild Things Are and drew/painted wild things of our own.

We practiced out sound spelling by labeling the parts of a leprechaun.


We practiced subtraction by bowling down some cups and using our fingers to do the subtraction problems.

We learned how to x-out some pictures to help us do subtraction problems.

We worked on the concept of same/more/less by reading the words and filing up cups of water with a partner.

We used a scale to compare the weight of different school objects.  We predicted which one would weigh more and then tested it out. 


We used watercolor paints to make our own water lilies this week and learned about how they grow at the edges of lakes and ponds.  We also talked about the water cycle.  We read books and learned a water cycle song.  We created water cycle drawings with the BIG science words we learned – evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. 


For Religion, we have continued to work on doing kind acts to prepare for Easter.  Please support your child as s/he tries to do the daily activities on our Lenten calendar.  We also learned about what it means to be a patron saint.  We read about 8 saints and began to write a prayer to one of them that we will finish next week.

Our next All School Mass is in on April 12, which is Holy Week


In Social Studies, we began working on the concept of things that we need in order to live versus things that we want.  We used a Social Studies Weekly to begin this.  We will continue to study this concept for the next couple of weeks.