elcome to Kindergarten!!

Kindergarten Knews

For Mrs. Sova in June of 2017


      I cannot believe our school year is over!  It just flew right by.  I had so much fun watching your children learn and grow.  Thank you for sharing them with me.  Have a wonderful summer.  I hope to see many of you at Mass, but please be sure to stop by next fall if I don't see you before then!!

Summer Suggestions:


Read every day!  Practice sight words with the flashcards we made.  Spell sight words and other words out loud by building them with magnetic letter or scrabble tiles, painting them with water on the sidewalk, writing them with chalk, on a whiteboard.  Join a summer reading club at the Library or at either Barnes and Noble or Schuler’s book store.  They have fun prizes for participating!


Practice counting by 5’s, 10’s, and 2’s.  Collect coins, count them, and save up to buy something at the dollar store.  Count the money in an adult’s wallet or change purse.  Organize your toys by sorting.  Play card games – WAR, Go Fish.  Play “Feed the Shark” or make your own Number Bingo game board with big numbers.  


Draw, color, cut, glue.  Give them the materials, even without a specific project in mind, and most children this age will have a ball just creating!


Meijer Gardens has some great summer camp programs to attend.  Go on a nature walk and spot of signs of life.  There are tons of kids’ experiments online – put experiments for kindergarten or first graders into a search engine and you will find lots!  Pinterest is also a fabulous place to find appropriate experiments. 


Spend some quiet time talking to God.  Read through the Prayer book that we illustrated.  Attend Mass at a different church when you are on vacation.  It is a great experience to check out what is the same and different at churches in new places that you visit.


Head to one of our local museums, especially the Gerald R. Ford Museum, which has some special exhibits going on this summer.  Take time to learn about any places you might be traveling to this summer.  Find those places on a map and compare that to where you live.