Welcome to Kindergarten!!

Kindergarten Knews

on Friday, September 15, 2017 

   What a full week we had in Kindergarten!  Thank you for sending your children on time and ready with their folders and backpacks each day.  It really helps.  We are still getting used to our routines at school and practicing all of the emergency drills.  If your normal home routine changes at all (anything that might impact your child’s behavior at school), please let me know.  Also, if your child will be going home with a friend or other adult than the usual, it really helps to have a note/email with that information.  However, if you email me after lunchtime, I may not see it until after the school day is over.  Thank you!

 Beginning on Monday, we will have a weekly homework assignment.  This is added to writing down the books you are reading on the September book list.  It is an orange folder entitled “Zoo Animal Alphabet” that will come home each Monday and is due back to school by Thursday, although it may come back sooner.  The directions are posted on the inside cover of the folder, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Our first Zoophonics friend will be Missy Mouse.  The Madison family has volunteered to send in an Mm snack on 9/19 or 9/21.
The following friend will be Allie Alligator.  The England family has volunteered for that snack on 9/27.  THANK YOU!

This week:


We continued the skills of going left to right and first-next/then-last.  

We learned a sight word this week - “can.”  

We wrote about things we can do.

We read a book called "Hands Can" and then used hand cut-outs to try out some measuring around the classroom.

We found words we know and practiced reading a mini book called "I Can."  Ask your child to read it to you!!

We wrote can with different writing utensils and inside of sentences that we practiced reading. 

We learned a poem/song "I See the Moon"

We practiced how we will be doing journal writing.  We will stretch out the words we want to write like a rubber band and write down the sounds that we hear.  It is called "sound spelling."  I see a LOT of potential in this group of kinders!!


We sorted pictures of things that happen during the day and at night.

We wrote two of our sight words to complete a sentence/picture about things we can do.


In Math we learned the concepts of “0” and “1.”  We practiced rhymes to go with each number.  These rhymes will help us remember how to form the numbers. If your child is writing these and any other numbers at home, please remind them that we always start at the top and work down to the ground.


We practiced shapes by making them with playdough, tracing/drawing them, and using geoboards to create them.


In science, we connected to our Religion by talking about God's gift of the sun.  We learned about Earth's orbit around the sun - how long it takes and how it impacts our day and night.


We learned more about the sun and made our own sun/earth/moon orbits to demonstrate it out of paper and paint.


In Religion, our chapter was God Gives Us Light.  We talked about things we like to do when it is sunny out and things we like to do when the moon and stars are in the sky.  We decided we are grateful that God gave us light and wouldn’t like to be without it!  We discussed all the ways the sun helps our world.  We illustrated our daily prayer the "Thank You Prayer" so that we can teach it to our families.  We went to Mass for the first time with our 4th grade Prayer Partners.  The kinder-kids did a great job!  Thank you to the parents that joined us.  Our next Mass will be Oct. 11.


This week for social studies, we celebrated Constitution Day, which is September 17.  We talked about why we have rules and laws.  We also learned about the constitution and tried to put the preamble and the Pledge of Allegiance in kinder-language.  It’s a hard topic for kinder-kids to understand, but we did our best!


We discussed manners, why they are important, and learned a short song to help us remember them.