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**Our Christmas Program**

Kindergarten Knews

For Mrs. Sova on February 17, 2017


      We had a wonderful week filled with lots of fun.  On Monday and Tuesday we celebrated Valentine’s Day.  Thank you for sending in your child’s Valentine cards.  Thank you to the Tietema family (for yummy Rice Krispie treat hearts), the Schautz family (for drinks), and the Sombati family (for paper products).  It was great!  The rest of the week was filled with celebrating Dental Health Month.  We talked about taking care of our teeth, made teeth puppets, and made both a mini book and a class book about losing our teeth.  We also enjoyed our field trip to the Children’s Museum, where we played with the dental exhibit and the many other fun things they have there.  Thank you to Mrs. Pettenger, Mrs. Tietema, and Mrs. Sombati for chaperoning the field trip!  



Our next Zoophonics friend is Kayo kangaroo.  The Pettenger family volunteered to send in a Kk snack Wed. 2/22.

The following Zoo friend will be umber umbrellabird.  The Depenbrok family for a Uu snack on 3/1.  THANK YOU!

Weekly info:


Reading skills: pattern stories, comparing/contrasting, retelling stories, main idea, story setting

Our new sight word: "little"

We made a mini book about kinds of teeth

We made a book about crazy places we could lose a tooth

We illustrated the poem "Hug o' War" by Shel Silverstein

We started the sound of kayo kangaroo Kk, which we will continue during our three school day week


We wrote about our favorite sports

We practiced putting letters in alphabet order


We added hearts and practiced reading number words

We wrote the numbers 1-20

We built Valentine shapes and counted the various shapes needed


We searched for numbers to color a 100 graph that was a Valentine picture


For science, we learned about our hearts and how they work during a lesson taught by nursing students from Aquinas/University of Detroit Mercy.  We also learned about how to take care of our teeth - brushing, flossing, visiting a dentist. and healthy eating.    


We focused on all the ways to take care of our teeth, how we have different kinds of teeth in our mouths to eat different kinds of foods, and what the parts of teeth.  We made a silly tooth puppet.


In Religion, we learned about different types of prayer.  We found many times throughout the day when we pray, but talked about how God will listen any time we want to talk to Him.  We dissected the Lord's Prayer that Jesus gave us and put it in kindergarten language.  We went to CGS with Mrs. Tietema and made Valentine bookmarks to give to our 4th grade prayer partners.

Our next All School Mass in on March 1, Ash Wednesday.


For Social Studies, we learned about President's Day and the difference between a president and a patriot using Kindergarten Social Studies Weekly.  we also learned a couple of simple songs about President's Day.


We made Valentine's Day cards that were delivered to residents of Beacon Hill.