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**Our Christmas Program**

Kindergarten Knews

For Mrs. Sova on January 13, 2017


       We worked with robby rabbit this week.  We ate Rice Krispie treats (thanks Tietemas) and Ritz crackers for snacks.  We worked a lot with robots we made rectangle robots, balancing robots, and the all-day class made gliding robots.  We used rulers and did a lot of rhyming.  We reviewed using our manners and had fun playing in a pretend restaurant.  We also talked about rainbows how they occur in nature and how to make all the colors of the rainbow by doing some color addition with paint.  It was really fun!




Our next Zoophonics friend is Ellie Elephant.  The Sombati family volunteered to send in a Ee snack Wed. 1/18.

The following Zoo friend will be Bubba Bear. The Host family volunteered for a Bb snack on 1/25.  THANK YOU!

Weekly info:


Reading skills: main idea, story retelling, rhyme

Our new sight word: "you"

We made a book about what we would wish for at the end of a rainbow

We read Dr. Seuss books and practiced rhyme

We traced all of the letters we have already learned in rainbow order.


We started a journal about our favorite things.  We wrote about our favorite restaurants. 

We wrote our sight words in snowball shapes and then had a snowball fight where we would pick up a snowball, read the sight word, and throw the snowball to the other side of the classroom.


We reviewed how to use rulers - by beginning at the end or zero spot.  We then used rulers to measure the lengths of some rainbow ribbons.

We rolled a die and used a key to draw a picture of a rocket.

We practiced counting by 10's, 5's, and started 2's


We practiced working with ten-frames to build numbers up to a sum of 10


For our science this week, we learned about balance, as it pertains to symmetry and gravity.  To practice balance, we colored and cut out paper robots.  Then we tried to make them balance on our fingers by placing paper clips on them.  We found the best place - at the bottom - and then taped pennies to those spots to make them balance really well.


We read about the future of robots and then did a STEM activity to build a robot glider using paper, straws, string, and beads.  We were able to connect what we had learned about balance and symmetry to this activity.


In Religion, we reviewed what we have learned about the Holy Family.  We again compared them to our families and read about Jesus as a boy.  We drew pictures of our own families with the Holy Family beside it.

We also went to CGS with Mrs. Tietema.  See below for more information.

Our next school Mass will be February 1 for Catholic Schools Week.


In Social Studies we talked about responsibility.  We read our Social Studies Weekly about it and talked about responsibilities we have at school and at home.  


We learned a bit about Russia and made our own paper version of Russian nesting dolls.