First Grade News

Immaculate Heart of Mary School, immersed in the teachings of the Catholic Church, is dedicated to providing excellent spiritual and academic formation in the development of well-rounded individuals centered in Christ.

Week of February 12, 2017

  • Mass on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m.
  • Jesus Calls His Disciples
  • Jesus' First Miracle - The Wedding at Cana
  • Saint Valentine

Language Arts
  • Story:  Yasmin's Ducks
  • Vocabulary:  
    • Words to Sound Out:  globe   hoses   joke   hope   Rome's   
    • Sight Words:  work   buy   because   found   some
  • Skills:  
    • Review inflectional ending "ed"
    • Review cause & effect
    • Introduce long o with a silent/bossy "e"  (example:  hope, phone, bone, etc.)
  • bake   snake   cake   lake   shake   
  • date   late   gate   plate   rate
No Excuse Word: what

  • Counting on to 12
  • Doubles and Doubles Plus One
  • Adding 3 Numbers
  • Counting quarters, dimes and pennies

Science/Social Studies
  • Animal Unit:  
    • Mammals (breathe with lungs, have a backbone, have fur or hair, have live babies that get nourishment from their moms, have well-developed brains & are warm-blooded
    • Reptiles (breathe with lungs, have a backbone, have dry, rough scaly skin, are cold-blooded, most hatch from eggs)
    • Birds  (breathe with lungs, have a backbone, have feathers, hatches from an egg, has two legs and two wings)
    • Fish  (breathe with gills, have scales, lay eggs, has a backbone and are cold-blooded)
    • Amphibians (usually lives part of its life in water and part of its life on land, is cold-blooded, most have smooth, moist skin, has a backbone)

Helpful Hints and Upcoming Dates
  • Keep an early and consistent bedtime  (7:00 - 8:00 is excellent).
  • Check blue folders every evening.
  • Send in a healthy snack each and every day.
  • Send in library books!  
    • Wednesday for Mrs. Peltier's class 
    • Friday for Mrs. Stockholm's class!