First Grade News

Immaculate Heart of Mary School, immersed in the teachings of the Catholic Church, is dedicated to providing excellent spiritual and academic formation in the development of well-rounded individuals centered in Christ.

 Week of November 12, 2017

  • Bible Story:    Moses and the Burning Bush,  Moses Warns the Pharaoh
  • Mass:  Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. 
  • Virtue of the Week:  Responsibility:  
              • Looks like:  Bringing your folder to school each day
              • Sounds like:  "I remembered to bring my folder to school!"
              • Looks like:  Keeping your room clean.
              • Sounds like:  "I cleaned my room." 

  • Story:  A Vet
  • Vocabulary Words:  pet   vet   help   helps   checkup   visit   job   keep   care   horse   does   want   wants   our
  • Reading Skills: Review blends (sm, sl, fl, zz, ll, ss, etc.)
          • Review short vowel sounds
          • Review main idea and context clues

  • best   rest   nest
  • neck   deck   peck   check
  • less   mess   dress 
  • No Excuse Word:  was

  • Addition Strategies:  Counting on 1,2, & 3
            • Doubles
  • Patterns:  abb,  abb,  abb
  • Money:  quarters, dimes and pennies

  • Four Seasons
  • Living things have basic needs that help them stay alive.

  • Check your child's blue folder every night.
  • Have an early and consistent bedtime for your first grader.  (8:00 p.m. or earlier is recommended.)
  • Send a healthy snack every day.