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Use of outdoor infrastructure to accelerate the benefits of insecticide

 Full Title GCE-Phase I: Using optimally located outdoor infrastructure to accelerate the benefits of insecticide treated nets and indoor residual spraying towards malaria eradication. 

 Short Title

 Project Leader Fredros Okumu

 Description The project team has completed the design of its initial decoy mosquito resource points. The latest design is a miniature hut baited with super-attractive synthetic human odors, to form an odor-baited station (OBS) into which its able to lure large numbers of mosquitoes and then trap them or contaminate them with different agents. The synthetic odor blend has been proven to attract as many as 4 times more mosquitoes than humans at long range.

Field tests have also shown that because these devices lure many mosquitoes to the area where they are, the shortest distance at which the OBS can be placed away from any human dwellings is 30 meters, so as to eliminate the risk of increased exposure to the humans.

The project team has began writing a manuscripts to document the results obtained so far, completing the experiments and conducting the last phase of this grant which will be a small scale village trial.

 Collaborators Dickson Wilson                Ifakara Health Institute 
Robert Sumaye  
             Ifakara Health Institute 

 Source of funding Discovery Program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Grand Challenges Explorations Program)

 Start Date May 2009                      End Date     October 2010


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