Welcome Note

        Dear Parent, Welcome to Mme. Minter-Powell's Jr High French Classes!

          Most likely you've chosen Immaculate Heart Central for one or more of the following reasons: - You appreciate the importance of a learning environment  where your child may work to his or her highest potential. -You value character growth as much as knowledge acquisition. -You want your child to continue building on the lessons begun at home on how to succeed in today's world. - You'd like your child to emerge from his or her Junior High experience understanding the importance of "real world" traits such as promptness, politeness and preparedness.

As your child’s French teacher I’m dedicated to teaching your child how to take responsibility for his or her own success and to understand that his "job" at this time in life is to be the best student possible. In short, I  strive to prepare your child for the future by offering on-the-job training for a successful life after IHC. Students achieve their potential in school when they clearly understand

  *   classroom procedures and expectations  

             *   techniques that will maximize their academic success

                *   and the consequences for not maximizing potential  

Therefore,  I spend time at the beginning of each year outlining the above with your son or daughter.

    On this website you and your child will find ...
  •             daily homework assignments and downloadable worksheets
  • contact info should you have any concerns
  • tests and grading policies

    Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time with your concerns or comments.
    - Bien à  vous, Mme. Minter-Powell


Here you will find information on how technology is being used in the classroom. You will learn about how I use technology to present content to the students and how the students use technology to express what they have learned.