Envelopes Add-on for Google Documents





Envelopes an, Add-on for Google Documents, helps you get your daily work done by making it easy to format and print an envelope. Here is how it works: 1. First you need to have the Envelopes Add-on installed. You can get it here. <Link to published add-on> 2. Open a NEW Document. Note: Envelopes changes the document formatting and clears the text in the doc. There is no need to panic if you accidentally run it on your finished document, simply click the undo button and everything will be back to normal. 3. In the Add-ons menu choose Envelopes and then select your size.

4. Enter addresses into the pre-formatted envelope. 5. Click Print and select the envelope size in your printer's print dialog. Note: If your print dialog does not support the envelope size you can use the landscape mode to turn the text on the page if required.