Investing in Open

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If the Open Organization is the new mode of organization, what does that mean for investing in 'open'. Let's start with a simple brainstorm around:

What's different about investing in 'open' vs. conventional ventures?

  • Plans don't last - the context changes quickly or what's being created is too hard to anticipate to effectively plan
    • Therefore must be betting on people and process
  • Values and culture have greater impact on the attraction and retention of key people
    • Therefore culture and leadership require more attention
  • Financial incentives/influences and proprietary intellectual capital aren't as universally effective
    • Seems like social capital/influence and value producing contributions re/displacing them
  • Venture design skills and experience are more valuable
    • Not having the same financial levers or proprietary protection + team/collaborators more sensitive to culture + greater instability in environment brings this home
  • ...

What practices work (or concepts you think might work) in investing in open?

  • Micro-lending: local community members managing local lending circles (manage dealflow and ensure repayment/return)
  • Bar-camps/Open-coffee to encourage deal-flow and community of support
  • Events for broader community related to sector (MESH - SVI) to build capacity and relationships
  • Social capital leverage: actively making connections and enable connectivity
  • Collaborative term-sheet development and planning, etc.
  • ...

What investments/models might help this conversation?

Any other thoughts, insights, references?