What is Languas Constructor?
Languas Constructor is a software languages builder designed and created by Ignacio Baixauli to create languages built from other existing languages.

What profit has Languas Constructor?

Languas Constructor has different versions that can be used for different purposes.
  1. Create new languages from existing ones .
  2. Create new languages from other existing, assigning a specific weight to each source language.
  3. Create two - way translators for new languages
  4. Create two - way translators for existing languages but lacking in translators ISO or recognition as Google Translator.

Who is aimed Languas Constructor?

  1. Shakers languages

    Languas Constructor is like a shaker languages. We can mix as many languages as you want and we deem necessary proportions of each.

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    International organizations in search of a common language, applying a specific weight to each source language based on criteria such as number of speakers of each of these languages.
  2. Film industry or video games for creating fantastic language but have sufficient consistency so they can be followed by fans of the series or the game where they appear.
    1. Creating fast, fluid and coherent dialogue.
    2. Vidireccionales systems translation to or from any existing language in Google Translator .
  3. Industry comics and fantasy literature.
  4. Conservative language, invented or not, not existing in Google Translator.
  5. Researchers at the origin and evolution of languages.
  6. Entertainment.

What differentiates a language created with different language Languas builder built existing one ?

  • The languages created with Languas Constructor evolve, as they benefit from the base of Google Translator evolving translations depending on the user experience.
  • Once secured the new language, Languas Constructor has its own translator that can evolve new language translations and therefore the new language itself.
  • A language created with Languas Constructor, not only "mix" languages, but it does so in the right proportion as preset by the user / s parameters creator / is the new language. Estor parameters can be changed depending on needs or events requiring evolve the language.
    • If the European Union make use of Languas Constructor to create a European Common Language, would be enough to put in the "shaker" of Languas Constructor languages ​​want to form the basis of the new common language and indicate that amount intervenes each, depending for example, the number of speakers of each language.
      • In case of incorporation or division of a country, they could change the parameters in Languas Constructor to give more or less weight to the different base according the needs of the new development languages.
      • Temporarily you can adjust the parameters weight per language according to new census or political decisions.
      • A new influx of immigrants can make are incorporated new languages, providing these weight depending on the number of immigrants and speakers of each language.

What is the purpose of Languas Constructor?

  • As conceived Ignacio Baixauli, Languas Constructor is a tangible demonstration that it is possible to create new languages, based on existing ones, using software. This is thanks to the advancement of other tools such as online translators.
  • Creating from other languages, it facilitates the sharing of much more logical and understandable by most vehicular languages.
  • Languas Constructor, also greatly reduces the creation and maintenance of new languages for the film industry and video games, while paving the way for these new languages can be maintained and disseminated easily with complete consistency, creating bidirectional translators in multiple languages , thus maintaining the loyalty of followers of series and games.

How does it work internally Languas Constructor?

Basically, Languas Constructor algorithms work by performing the following steps:
  1. Translation into different languages to create the new language.
  2. Choice of SVO dominant.
  3. Morphing of words based on the influence established by each source language.
    • The morphing process detects and respects the use of prefixes and suffixes to a better understanding of the resulting words.

How many different languages can be created with Languas Constructor?

  • 1271427795 different languages

    With the current version of Languas Constructor, you build podríam 1,271,427,795 different languages
    In its first version, Languas Constructor lets you combine up to 100 different languages to create a single constructed language, but assuming that only a maximum of 6 languages 1,271,427,795 different languages could be used, you build podríam
  • In the next version of Languas Constructor, to be able to indicate the weighting of each language, the number of different languages that may be constructed will be infinite.