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This Week in Sport - May 30th - June 5th, 2016

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Just a few reminders this week...

Regularly scheduled activities will run until June 10th, 2016 (with a few exceptions).

Our last assembly of the year was held this week.  Athletics and Activities showed a brief overview of some of the photos from this year's experiences at IGBIS.   To see the presentation go here.  

Our U18 Girls and Boys Volleyball Teams had their KLISS Invitational Tournaments this past Thursday, June 2nd, 2016.  The boys played at IGBIS and the girls travelled to Tenby International School.  Despite taking a few games off a couple of teams both our boys and girls teams finished without a win at the tournament leaving the boys 7th and 8th place respectively and the girls in 6th place.  They played very well and have come a long way this
season.  Practices for all volleyball teams will finish next week. Coaches Mr. Simon Millward and Mr. Chris Thompson have done a fantastic job of getting these teams up to par with the other teams in the league.

Coming Up in Sport...
Thursday, June 2 - KLISS U18 Girls Volleyball @ ISP 
Thursday, June 2 - KLISS U18 Boys Volleyball @ IGBIS
Wednesday, June 8 - KLISS U15 Badminton Championship Makeup Tournament @ Taylors
Thursday, June 9 - KLISS U15 Boys Volleyball Plate Finals @ Taylors
Thursday, June 9 - KLISS U15 Girls Volleyball Plate Finals @ IGBIS
Saturday, June 11 - KLISS Primary Badminton Championships @ IGBIS

This Week in Sport - May 16th - 22nd, 2016

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KLISS Secondary Swim Championships Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Our Elementary swimmers had a lovely day of competition at Nexus International School in the KLISS Primary Swimming Championships last Friday.  The year has been building towards this culminating meet where most of our swimmers had personal best performances and several brought home medals for their team. 

The Secondary swimmers and the Grade 5 students competed yesterday at KTJ in their KLISS event.  It was a great day with all swimmers swimming personal best times and again several swimmers brought home medals.

The swim program has really come a long way from the start of the year, and is reflected in these results.  A big thank you for your support of the school swim program.

A huge thank you must go out to our swim coaches Deb King, Danny Chan, Anthony Spivey-Jones, Mick Smith and Dean Watters who have done a fabulous job with all our swimmers in this all - year activity.

The results for Fridays meet have not been forwarded to me yet, but they will be added to Swimming website as well as more photos and information as it becomes available.

Thank you

Post Written By: Dean Watters - Head Swim Coach

U11 Tee Ball Cup Finals @ ISP Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Elementary Tee Ball games are finished this week with the U11 Cup Final on Thursday @ ISP, Desa Park City. Pulling on a few U9's to round out their squad the U11's did a fabulous job beating out three other teams to arrive at the final. Although they left the tournament winless they came out with much more skill and experience and are definitely ready for next year. Thanks to coaches Marshall Hudson and Michelle Ostiguy in leading the charge with this team in tow. They have done a fabulous job navigating the numbers, the weather and the busyness of this time of year to give the kids a great experience. Tee Ball will continue for a few more practice weeks before ending the last week in May.

This Week in Sport - May 9 - 15, 2016

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KLISS Under 9 / Under 11 Tee Ball League Championship Play - Thursday, May 11th, 2016

The U9 and U11 Tee Ball Teams have been our biggest elementary teams for participation with over 35 athletes competing in Season 3.  Coached by Mr. Marshall Hudson and Mrs. Michelle Ostiguy our teams have started from scratch.  For most of our students this is the first time they have been exposed to this lead up activity to baseball/fastball. 

With so many participants many teach others have stepped in to assist with practices and responsibilities for support.  In their first tournament on April 13th, U9 traveled to HELP International School where they were in tough competition, losing to BSKL, HELP and Nexus by a marginal points spread (the closest being a 7 - 9 loss to Nexus).  The U9's were sent to the plate final at HELP on Thursday, May 12th.

The U11's traveled to Nexus International School April 13th.  They beat HELP 9 - 8 in a tight finish.  They lost to BSKL 9 - 11.  The U11's were on to the cup final at Nexus May 12th but were caught in bad weather and unable to play.  The re-scheduled cup final for U11 will be played at ISP on Thursday, May 19th.

KLISS U13 Boys / Girls Volleyball League Championship Play - Thursday, May 11th, 2016

The U13 Volleyball Teams at IGBIS are led by coaches Simon Millward and Chris Thompson. The teams had had an early start to the season with their first games being played April 21st.  The boys hosted their four team tournament with BSKL, ISP and HELP International Schools.  The boys were able to steal sets off of ISP and HELP but were unable to pull off a win from the tournament.  This week the boys hosted the plate at IGBIS on Thursday, May 11th.  Despite challenges the team demonstrated sparks of greatness and began to gel as a group on the court.  

The U13 girls played at ISP on April 21st in their preliminary tournament against the same KLISS schools including ISP, HELP, and BSKL.  They came out on top and were sent to the cup games.  The girls went back to ISP for the cup tournament on Thursday, May 12th.  They came home third after many hard fought games.

KLISS Primary Swimming Championships @ Nexus - Friday, May 13th, 2016

Our swimmers had a lovely day of competition at Nexus International School in the KLISS Primary Swimming Championships this week.  The year has been building towards this culminating meet where many of our swimmers had personal best performances and several brought home medals for their team.  It was an exciting day with over 90+ events in the water.  Our swim coaches Dean Watters, Deb King, Danny Chan, Anthony Spivey-Jones and Mick Smith have done a fabulous job with all our swimmers in this all - year activity.  Coaches Dean, Deb and Danny were poolside to guide the day's events for our team.

KLISS Under 13 /Under 15 Badminton Championships @ IGBIS - Saturday, May 14th, 2016

KLISS U13 and U15 badminton was hosted by Taylors at IGB International School on Saturday, May 14th.  Coordinating with our Student Led Conference Day U13 athletes commenced their tournament at 10:30am.  It was a great day of games for all our students with great showings by many athletes.

Unfortunately the U15 tournament did not finish that day.  Running short of time teams were left with three head to head matches still to play on the evening.  KLISS has rescheduled the final games to be played at Taylors on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016.  We look forward to finishing our season with these matches.

Coming Up in Sport...
Tuesday, May 17th KLISS Secondary Swimming Championships @ KTJ 12pm
Thursday, May 19th KLISS U11 Tee Ball Cup Championships @ ISP

This Week in Sport - April 4th - 10th, 2016

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We are nearing the end of our athletics and activities offerings for the 2015 - 2016 school year.  There is one season of sport and activity remaining.  Our competitive programs have been advertised early as league commitments dictate and early start.  The range of activities for Season 3 is limited.  

This past week Season 3 Athletics and Activities sign-ups came to a conclusion.  Confirmation emails for all activities will be sent out in the next two weeks.  Season 3 activities commence Tues., May 3rd and will run until Fri., June 10th.


Secondary volleyball and Elementary Tee Ball Teams have began practicing.  We have had a huge turnout with over thirty athletes participating in our tee ball program.  We are still recruiting volleyball players at the U13 and U15 age group but the sports hall is full with U18 athletes.  We are looking forward to a great season.

Coming Up in Sport...
Wednesday, April 13 - U9 Tee Ball Team @ HELP 
Wednesday, April 13 - U11 Tee Ball Team @ Nexus
Monday, April 18 - U9/U11 Swim Meet @ Nexus                  
Thursday, April 21 - U13 Girls Volleyball @ ISP
Thursday, April 21 - U13 Boys Volleyball @ IGBIS      

Phoenix School Spirit - House Competitions @ IGBIS

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House teams have been introduced into IGB International School this 2015- 2016 school year.  Led by Andy Mullin, our Head of PE and Tim Bartle, an MYP PE teacher with tons of house leadership experience they have ushered in a new era for IGBIS.  With three whole school events planned for the 2015-2016 school year there is one left to go... the Splashdown on April 20th, 2016.  Here are the highlights from our events this year...

Duathlon 2016 - Personal Challenge

On Monday, March 14th IGBIS students from Grades 1 - 11 competed in the school's first Duathlon event.  Students
swam and then transitioned to a run to finish their race.  This event is physically and mentally challenging on many levels.  There were many outstanding achievements throughout the day, but the most pleasing aspect was the high number of finishers, with 187 students gaining house points for their respective teams.

The theme for the day was "Personal Challenge."  Students are capable of transcending their own perceived limitations when they have a  focus outside of winning to motivate them.  We aim to provide opportunities that consistently challenge students, build resilience and foster healthy ideas of competition.  

Sports Day 2016

On February 5th, 2016 IGBIS students from across the school grades KG - 12 came together in cooperative challenge events demonstrating their spirit, creativity and support for one another in a fun and friendly environment.  Students travelled in team groups around 14  events.  Points for participation and spirit were dolled out to those deserving groups who made an effort to enjoy participation in the best ways possible .  This was our first ever house event.  It was a smashing success. 

2016 Phoenix Splashdown

The culminating event for our new house team system in the form of a swim gala was held on Wednesday, April 20th.  It was a great way for our Grade 12 students to sign off as IGBIS students by being part of the community and their house team one last time.

While mass participation was the goal for the event, with all students in Grades 1-12 involved in at least two races, there were also finals for the fastest swimmer in each house for freestyle and breaststroke, with boys and girls finals for Grades 7-12.  Firstly the students competed in their houses to find the fastest swimmer for each house, with that swimmer making the final to compete against the other fastest swimmers.  The level of competition was high, particularly amongst the elementary students, and the house spirit was evident with loud chants and cheering for all the houses.

With the success of the three big house events this year the PE team are looking forward to next years events already and are excited to see the development of our students and the house team system.

U15 KLISS Boys/Girls Basketball Plate Finals @ IGBIS Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

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The U15 Girls Basketball Team has had an evolutionary season.  From small beginnings to big things this team has grown exponentially in their understanding of the game and their ability to execute higher level skills.  After a three way tie at Tenby in our preliminary tournament we were sent to the Plate Finals after points differential did not score in our favour.  In a few short weeks we implemented a full court zone press and ramped up our offence which led to decided wins against Tenby, Nexus and Taylors on Wednesday.  If the season were to continue I'm sure we would be vying for big things against the cup teams.  We are very proud of this team.  They have come so far.  Congratulations to our 2015-
2016 KLISS Basketball Plate Champions.

The U15 Boys Basketball Team were short several players at the beginning of the season.  Due to unfortunate circumstances they ended up in the Plate Finals.  After picking up some key players from the U13 squad they stepped up their game and in the past few weeks started looking and acting like a team to be reckoned with.  The Phoenix swept the Plate Finals with wins against HELP and BSKL to secure their title.  Congratulations to our 2015-2016 KLISS Basketball Plate Champions.  Well done on an excellent year of basketball.

KLISS Primary Athletics, March 19th, 2016

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KLISS Primary Athletics 2016 was hosted by IGBIS on March 19th, 2016.  With close to 30 elementary athletes, 13 secondary student volunteers, 17 faculty volunteer coaches and events coordinators we had a showing of 60 from our school plus support from parents and families.  With more than 400 people on campus for this event is was a great day for IGB International School.  A big thanks to all the staff and students who gave up their Saturday to support this event on one of the hottest days of the year.  Our kids competed with determination and heart with several notable finishes.

What other schools had to say:
"A huge thank you to you and your team at IGBIS. It was a 
really excellent day.  Our parents and athletes thoroughly enjoyed themselves."

"All of your staff did an amazing job and it was a very enjoyable morning of athletics.  I overheard some of the boys from all different schools mixing and chatting in the marshalling tent and a young Tenby lad came up with - "this is the best day ever"... makes all of the hard work worth it, knowing the kids had a ball.  I must say I love the spirit and sportsmanship amongst the KLISS schools - made for a real enjoyable event."

March 14th- 21st, 2016

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IGB International School Basketball Invitational, Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Saturday, March 12th IGBIS hosted their Second Annual Invitational Basketball Tournament for U15 and U18 Boys and Girls Teams.  There were 21 teams from 9 schools in Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh.  The U15 Boys and U18 Boys took the gold medals and the trophies home for IGBIS.  

In a three way tie for first our U15 Boys emerged from their pool on points for and against to play ELC in the final.  In an 11 point win they took the win.  Our U18 Boys were seeded 1st all round and played second seed Tenby Ipoh in their final with a 5 point victory to seal the win.

The U18 Girls brought home the bronze medals.  LFKL and Tenby Ipoh proved tough opponents but they fought hard.

It was a great day of games in IGBIS.  Congratulations to all of our athletes.  

Elementary Swim Meet at HELP International School, Monday, March 14th, 2016

Our Elementary Swim Team got their first taste of real competitive action at HELP International School this week as they swam against other teams from the KLISS League in a friendly competition preparing them for our KLISS Championships coming up. Nexus, HELP and IGBIS rounded our the field of competition.  It was a great day for our athletes.  Almost everyone set at least one new personal best in their events.

Games @ FIS Subang Jaya, Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Friendly matches for the U11 Football Squad, the U15 and U18 Boys Basketball Teams happened on Tuesday at Fairview International School Subang Jaya.  The basketball teams eventually got rained out on the outdoor courts but not before they had some good games.  Unfortunately the U11's had a tough game but everyone remained smiling and happy.  We have some great kids in our programs.

Coming Up...
Sat, March 19th KLISS Primary Athletics Championships @ IGBIS
Wed, March 23rd U15 KLISS Boys/Girls Plate Finals at IGBIS

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