V1 Pro 2010 updates

6.10.028    11/09/2010
  • WMV files are considered interlaced if 480/576/1080 lines and 25/30 fps ... must override with property setting if actually progressive
  • Trim now has the option to import to the HDD if source is remote/removable; this will be the default
  • Trim will now use VfW to trim DV/AVI files less than 1GB, done to retain the audio track.  If the file is over 1GB, VfW cannot be used, and the audio track will be lost.  It may be possible in a future update to revise this completely and use another method to transcode the file while retaining audio.

6.10.027    10/26/2010

  •     Option to send video to social pages when using the Move command and video exceeds 30 seconds
  •     4 & 8 camera setups will only initialize cameras if they are configured on the Options/Cameras page
  •     Fix for 300 fps detection
  •     Fix to not attempt to unpack MP4 files

6.10.025    10/4/2010

  • The GC2 is supported as a Launch monitor.  A status test appears on the Menu page if the device is connected.  It may be used in place of a hit-detector mic.  5 values are brought over, but not the Carry distance, although according to Bob Fota, this is coming soon to the SDK.  The GC2 speed and launch angles are briefly displayed on the V1 monitor following a swing in either Live or Record modes.
  • The speed, distance, angles and spin fields in the DB should be converted to floating point to allow more precision in these values.
  • If an instructor uses the Move tool to move a video longer than 30 seconds to a student's locker, this will be treated as a lesson, and encoded to WMV with audio.  Moving to his own instructor locker may be another way to "import content" for 30+ second clips.
  • Dual-camera capture continuous mode now attempts to more closely synchronize the start of the video capture.  With dual Baslers, there was previously approximately 7 seconds discrepancy.  This has been reduced to about 3/4 second.
  • Bug fixes include trimming of AVI files with non-compliant video sizes (not divisble by 16), and multiple-selection in the Academy window tabs. 
6.10.018    7/1/2010
  • Fix for MJPEG invert-field support
  • Support for larger academy inbox (512K)
  • Auto-retry import of EyeFi video