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World Health Organization.

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Alumnes de 1r de BATXILLERAT del nostre institut i de l'Escola Pia de Barcelona, van fer una simulació del MUN a l'edifici de l'APINDEP el passat 17 de gener. Va ser una trobada molt interessant i enriquidora. Aquí podeu llegir la resolució de tot el que es va parlar i discutir durant el dia de treball.


Word Health Organisation

Issue concerning

Counteracting Mother and Child Mortality with a Special Regard to Malnutrition

Submitted by


Co-Submitted by 

Bolivia, Guatemala, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine and Syrian Arab Republic

Deeply concerned that malnutrition is globally the most important risk factor for illness and death,

Emphasising that hundreds of millions of people die because of malnutrition every year,

Fully aware that undernutrition causes serious health issues, including stunted growth, eye problems and heart disease,

Affirming that the most affected individuals by malnutrition are pregnant women and young children,

Concerned to learn that 3 million children under 5 years of age require nutritional support, including 20,000 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition,

Recognising that maternal malnutrition increases the risk of a poor pregnancy,

Reaffirming that not everyone has access to sufficient quantities of good, quality food needed for an active healthy lifestyle,

Noting that not drinkable water can cause intestinal diseases that can lead to a worse malnutrition,

Having examined that the best way to prevent malnutrition is to eat a healthy, balanced diet with a variety of foods,

Desiring that all countries take part in combating malnutrition,

Declaring that the right to food is a basic human right that everyone should have,
Aiming to eradicate malnutrition,

  1. Suggests providing a special therapeutic food to undernourished population which:
    1. Should be available in emergency hospitals and first aid centres,
    2. Does not have to be refrigerated,
    3. Does not need water to prepare it;
  1. Calls  for an immediate action of all countries on:
    1. Raising awareness in their population of the situation by:
      1. Campaigning for responsible consumption and provide children at schools with information about nutrition related information,
      2. Donating money to associations that would be able to send volunteers and food supplies to the countries in need,
      3. Encouraging them to adopt sound habits like a balanced diet and rise consciousness of its importance among adults.
    1. Promoting NGOs which support the causes;
  1. Further recommends  helping in the agricultural and local production improvement in the affected countries by:
    1. Helping in the water wells digging,
    2. Buying fertilisers;
  1. Appeals FAO and WHO committees to:
    1. Increase and improve the revisions of pregnant women and babies under 5 years old,
    2. Invest in sanitation infrastructures and medical staff,
    3. Obtain a sufficient number of medicines and vaccines;
  1. Requests all countries to allow NGO’s to act without any kind of restriction by;
    1. Sending qualified volunteers to these developing countries to help people undergoing severe malnutrition;
  2. Invites countries to collaborate finding a way to put a satisfactory solution on the table;
  3. Approve more research about this cause of death with data collecting 

Further recommends the promotion of universal acces to health particulary by fighthing all forms of inequality 

  1. Recommends countries to pay special attention to all mothers by creating organisations where mothers could go at least once a day to receive a propper meal. 
  1. Recommends to create a program to investigate new types of seeds so that:
    1. They endure different types of weather; 
    2. They become immune to the viruses of every region 
  1. Suggest the creation of a fund that gives microcredits with a very low interest if at all to help kick-start a plantation, thus generating more food than one could have bought with the original money 
  1. Encourages in without drought the use of hydroponic farms, where plants grow in a much more controlled enviroment without parasites, and might boost: 
    1. Local industry, since the demand for the materials required to build a hydroponic farm might generate local factories 
    2. Recycling, as a crucial resource is rockwool, made from ore processing byproducts; 
  1. Proposes to create an international fund to help undernourished countries 
  1. Calls for the integration in education of:
    1. A medicinal plants which will help treat some illnesses with common plants where common medicines can be hard to find,
    2. Nutrition, because knowing to give some foods to people at certain times, like iron – rich foods to pregnant women, can contribute to their health. 
  1. Promotes a television campaign about the implication of population in terms of giving money to NGO. 
  1. Affirms to keep seized of the matter.