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"Ephesians Chapter 4:1-16" with Matt Jakstis

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·       A Life Worthy

0.     Intro

§  V1.

1.     Bound by Peace and Humility v2-3

§  Breaking down each quality

2.     Oneness in Christ v4-6

§  7 ONE’s used

§  There is a huge necessity for us as Christians to stand up and be confident in our faith

·       What we suffer from today is humility in the wrong place. Modesty has moved from the organ of ambition. Modesty has settled upon the organ of conviction; where it was never meant to be. A man was meant to be doubtful about himself, but undoubting about the truth; this has been exactly reversed. Nowadays the part of a man that a man does assert is exactly the part he ought not to assert—himself. The part he doubts is exactly the part he ought not to doubt—the Divine Reason.

·       Not only does this mean other religions, but even amidst the massive group that is Christianity, if there is a doctrinal issue, music style, or two leaders don’t like each other; we break apart and different churches and denominations rise up

3.     Use the Gifts We’ve Been Given v7-13

§  V7 à The BUT changes this from a collective unity to a singular

·       It’s saying you all are to be unified through Christ, BUT Christ has given you all different gifts

·       Even though we are to be unified in one body we are to be used in different ways

§  (SIDE NOTE) V8 à Psalm of accents. Psalm 68

·       This Psalm references how David, after victory in battle ascends to ZION???? With his prisoners held captive.

·       Neat illustration of how, we should aspire to be prisoners for the Lord and how we have opportunity to ascend to Heaven with Christ

§  V9. à God has blessed us with awesome leaders such as Sergio, Don, and Jake to help us grow in the faith. But also equip us. Equip us for what? For good works, for unity in the body, and to “attain the full measure of Christ”

·      F. To the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

·      1. Our goal is to see you conformed into His image.

o   a. Pure as He is pure,

o   b. Holy as He is holy.

o   c. Righteous and He is righteous.

o   d. Loving as He is loving,

o   e. Forgiving as He is forgiving.

·      2. Jesus Christ is the model that the Father is using as He seeks to conform you into the image of Christ.

·      3. If you desire to know the finished product, just look at Jesus.

o   a. David said, "And I shall be satisfied when I awake in thy likeness.” – Pslam 17:15§   

4.     Passionate Maturity 14-16

§  Leila!

·       Story of the zoo & Leila

·       How little kids can change emotion so quickly

·       Growing in maturity

§  Maturity that includes passion

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