Romans Lesson 6: Most Jews Chose Rejection: Romans 9-11

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What Happened to Israel? 

God Has the Right to Make a Choice (9:1-29)

– Some of Paul’s “groaning” in 8:23 is shown here.

– God had always made choices, of which these Jews were well aware.

– He is the potter and can do what he wants with the clay (but see 2 Tim. 2:20-21).

Israel Made the Wrong Choice (9:30-10:21)

 The cross exposed their hearts (9:30-33). 

• Their zeal for God was misdirected (10:1-4).

• Righteousness is readily available (10:5-15).

• Israel’s rejection & Gentile acceptance-- a matter of OT prophecy (vv16-21).

Israel’s Choice Is Not Irreversible (11:1-36) 

Only a remnant of Israel had ever made the right choices (vv1-10). 

• How God intended to use even their wrong choices (vv11-24).

• The motivation and opportunities for future choices (vv25-36).

• All Israel Will Be Saved 

The word “so” in v26 is from the Greek houtos, an adverb of manner, meaning “in this way.” 

• In this way refers back to the envy-provoking process mentioned in vv13-14. (Paul refers to the same idea again in v31).

• “All” is potential (John 12:32; 13:35).

• Some think Paul is referring to spiritual Israel, the church (Galatians 6:16), but that doesn’t seem to be the context.
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