I got an Arduino Duemilanove for my birthday this year, and am learning to play with it.  I'll gather my "products" here as I finish them.

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Some future project ideas:
  • Use the LED matrix to build a 6-channel analog display: either in binary display or as 8-output quantized ($in_value >> 7) display with history/peak/fade)
  • Use the LED matrix to scroll last 8 bytes received from serial ports
  • Connect up with SD card (ELM-FAT) to write data.  Standardize this as a library and publish.
  • Hook up with our polaris heart rate monitor and record all data on the SD card
  • Write RRDtool-format file data to the SD card for consumption on the PC (another library opportunity)
  • Make a Persistance-of-vision clock, then add "show the kids when bedtime is" via graphics
  • Use a random number generator to blink a set of SMD LEDs on tiny wires that are mounted in a clear glass jar (LED firefly bottle)


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