People-Member Directory

 The People section of IEEE Collabratec provides the ability to discover other users using different criteria such as their IEEE Membership/Societies/affiliations, location, education, profession, technical interests, and more. It can be accessed by selecting the People tab on the top blue bar.
The IEEE Member Directory, available exclusively to IEEE Members and Society Affiliates, can be accessed from the People section or directly from the Member Console (below) or here: <Member Directory>  

After selecting the People tab, 6 horizontal tabs appear below allowing direct access to five different people groupings as well as the default of 'all users', as follows: <please reference screenshot #1>
  1- ALL (default) 
  2- My Network 
  3IEEE Members   (IEEE Member Directory) 
  4- IEEE Mentors 
  5- IEEE Volunteers 
  6- Authors
The respective list of users appear displaying a summary of their profiles which includes their name, profile photo, grade badge (IEEE Member or Affiliate), location and Societies they belong to (see screenshot #2).

A user can change the information displayed by modifying their privacy visibility settings. Next to each user profile summary are two buttons, one to request a connection with another user and the other provides capability to send a message. These functions can be turned on or off by the user via their privacy settings.
When you click on a user's name or photo you are taken to their full profile which contains more information about the selected user. Again, ability to see their profile and/or various elements of profile information is fully controllable by the user.

There are filters available on the left side of the page which would allow the use of further criteria to narrow a search for a particular user or users. Active filters are shown in green with white text (in screenshot #2, the "IEEE Women in Engineering" filter is active as shown in green and white). 

 The IEEE Member Directory is accessible only to IEEE Members and Society Affiliates. Although, for collaboration purposes, IEEE Members and non-members can interact in Communities and Workspaces. 

Features include:
  • The ability to find individuals based on relationship, geography, company, education, technical interests, and memberships within IEEE. 
  • Networking features allow you to connect with and message participants.
  • View detailed profiles.
  • "Similar to you”, highlights the individuals in the system who share common interests, communities, or other key profile attributes.
Access to the IEEE Member Directory for IEEE Members (and Society Affiliates) is provided by additional search filters which include Member StatusMemberships & Affiliations, and Regions.  See 'filter's screenshot to right.

For more information about Mentoring Program, click here.
    Screenshot #1 - PEOPLE is located on the top blue bar plus direct-access sub-groupings tabs are displayed:

     Screenshot #2 - Users in the People section are listed in profile summary format:

    Screenshot #3: Filters available in the People section (filters shown are for IEEE Members and Society Affiliates; Filters like interest, country /region, company and school are available to all users):