Please note the Major Site Navigation Change on 12 June! Your most-used functions are moving to the top blue bar for more streamlined navigation, the left-nav menu has been removed and the search experience has been improved. View image to right to learn more.

IEEE Collabratec is an integrated online community where technology professionals can network, collaborate, and create --- all in one central hub. 

The IEEE Collabratec platform is available to all technology-minded professionals. IEEE Members receive added benefits and expanded functionality (See Member section below). 

Visit the Users Forum* to ask questions and learn more about the features of IEEE Collabratec.

IEEE Collabratec provides you the ability to:

  • Establish a professional identity among your technical peers to showcase key accomplishments.
  • Connect with global technology professionals by technical interests, IEEE-affiliations, authorship, region and more!
  • Engage in conversation in Community forums* focused on important technical topics, such as: Cyberethics, IoT, Entrepreneurship, Artificial IntelligenceSmart Cities ,Women in Leadership and  many more!  
  • Brainstorm and plan in user-created shared work-spaces (groups).
  • Post technical articles and event-related multimedia to spark discussion.
  • Access robust networking, collaboration, and authoring tools specifically suited for technology-minded professionals.
  • Upload your CV/resume to help find your next career opportunity. (See Opportunities section of this User Guide for more information).
  • Search for and stream relevant events using the many available event filters.

For IEEE Members:

  • Download and print your Member and Society Certificates right from your profile!
  • Find other IEEE Members using the exclusive IEEE Member Directory under the People tab.
  • Find or become a mentor** to accelerate your career development or guide others from your experience.
  • Join exclusive communities based on IEEE or technical society membership.
  • Enhance your profile with an IEEE member grade badge.
  • Take advantage of expanded groups where you can develop your research and projects.
  • Join the IEEE Membership forum to ask questions and learn about exclusive offers.
For Researchers and Authors:
  • Join the IEEE AuthorLab to get answers to your authoring questions and participate in relative discussions. 
  • Create your own virtual working groups for projects and research.
  • Save time by effectively managing documents related to your projects.
  • Enjoy easy collaboration and co-authoring from virtually anywhere with documents that are stored in your Library.
  • Use tools to manage your references.
  • Enjoy integrated search of IEEE Xplore®, a powerful resource for the discovery of scientific and technical content.
  • Create, edit and collaborate on documents using Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365 or LaTeX documents using IEEE Overleaf, an integrated LaTeX editor.


ATTN: Site Navigation Upgrade (12 June Release)
We listened to your feedback and are implementing Phase 1 of a 3-Phase Site Navigation Upgrade. Here is a snapshot of what was done. 

Major Changes:
1. Three major functions, People, Communities and Workspaces (formerly Groups) moved to top blue bar. 
"Groups" renamed "Workspaces". "Home" tab now just accessed from CT logo. 

2. Remaining functions from left navigation menu now accessed from the 9 dots on the top blue bar. 
    On "Homearea, Profile Summary stub replaces left menu area. 
    The whole look re-rendered as mobile-responsive for optimal experience on mobile device.

3. Search Experience improved as results are bucketed for easy access with minimal scrolling and includes posts search.

Look for other big changes coming to improve your experience with IEEE Collabratec.