What is Smart Hotel

Simply put , Smart Hotel is a system that aims to replace registering to a hotel, opening doors, changing lights and powering on the plugs with the press of a button (on your smartphone). Furthermore ,the personal smart mobile device boom offers new opportunities for improvement. Presuming that every employee and guest has a personal device we can create a virtual alter-ego of that person. Their device can communicate with the hotel server and thus be given access to room controllers.

What do I need to use the Smart Hotel system
To take part in the Smart-Hotel experience, a user must possess a smartphone running Android , have the Smart Hotel app installed and be registered in a hotel that uses the Smart-Hotel system. Being a prototype, no current hotel has this system implemented but ,for demos , we use a small house to show exactly how the project works. 

How does Smart Hotel work
A user simply books a hotel room online, packs up, goes to that hotel, logs in on the Smart Hotel app, chooses the room he had just booked, opens the door, sets the lights (and other features) to his mood and lays back.

Simple, right? That's because things like "fills in papers"  or  "grabs keys"  do not exist in this context. Smart Hotel eliminates those needs, and adds other comfort features ranging from being able to control everything in the room to security and inability to lose the "key" or get stolen in any way.

Okay, but how does Smart Hotel really work

The Smart Hotel system is based on 3 main components:

Having this in mind, here is how these 3 components interact:

How secure is Smart Hotel ?

When talking about security, the first thing that comes in mind is data-sending. Being a system that relies on sending data using wireless connectivity, one would think a simple "Man in the Middle" hack could result in grabbing the user's credentials or using the packages caught to send them back anytime (to open the door for example).

This is false, since Smart-Hotel relies on secure data-sending that not only is extremely hard to "backtrack" , but they also rely on time, which means any command-key sent is actually ephemeral, and will be obsolete in a few seconds.

What other features does Smart Hotel have?

So, where can I find an actual Smart Hotel ?
At the time you are reading this, Smart Hotel is still being developed , improved and trying to find support for it to actually become a "real thing". You can get the taste of it by browsing through the Downloads section, or checking the news to see our demos, which take place in different contests or engineering shows. 
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