The white cane is the most common mobility aids for the visually impaired. However, it does not help users with visual impairments find a particular room within an indoor environment. The main purpose of this application is to provide feedback that would assist a blind person inside a building.

The smart cane works in conjunction with special coloured tape placed on the floor. The user points the cane at the floor, swiping it back and forth until it acoustically alerts the user that the tape has been detected, letting him know when to go straight or turn.

The prototype cane incorporates RFID technology to provide more data about the surrounding area. The cane is equipped with a reader that senses proximity to objects equipped with tags that can give the user details about the object or door in front of such as toilets, water coolers, shops and so on.

Work supported by the Student Informatics project from

Student: Ditu Alina ditu.alina[at]