An Introduction to Matrix Groups

Workshop Title:  An Introduction to Matrix Groups
Dates and Venue of the workshop:  12-17 December 2016, SEMINAR HALL, DNYANESHWAR BHAVAN.

The Department of Mathematics, University of Mumbai, will conduct a six days workshop for College teachers, M Phil students and begininng Ph. D. Students. The aim of the workshop is to introduce the participants to matrix groups like the general linear group, special linear group, orthogonal groups etc. and study some of their invariants. Prerequisites for this course are linear algebra and an a basic course in group theory. The main idea is to revise concepts already learnt and see how they can applied to get lots of examples in the setting of matrices. These examples can be used to test how theorems work, as explicit calculations can be done using matrices. 

There will be two sessions by speakers in the morning of one one and half hours each, followed by a tutorial of one-and-half hour each afternoon.
We will have Professor Venkataramana as a guest speaker on the last day and certificates will be distributed only in the last session.
Participants are requested to book their tickets accordingly. At present, out-station participants are requested to find their own accommodation.

The candidates are requested to submit a soft copy of the attached application form on or before Saturday, 26 November. 
The list of selected candidates will be displayed on Thursday, 1 December 2016. 

Selected Participants please confirm your participation for the Workshop before 5th December 2016 by filling the following Form:

Confirmation for Participation


All selected participants are requested to fill the above confirmation form before 6th December 2016. (Your names are appended at the end in the dropdown option of the form)

NOTE: We have stopped the selection process till all the selected participants' confirmations are done. If required we shall upload a final list of participants.

Convenor: Dr. Anuradha S. Garge, Department of Mathematics, University of Mumbai. 
Co-convenor: Mandar Bhanushe, IDOL, University of Mumbai. 

Seminar Room, 2nd Floor, Department of Mathematics,
Sant Dnyaneshwar Bhavan, Vidyanagri, Kalina,
University of Mumbai.