Music Player Sleep Timer

> Description

This application will close the default Music Player on the Nokia 5800 after a set amount of time (in minutes).
Handy if you listen to music to while you sleep or if you just forget to turn it off after leaving the room!

Screenshot Screenshot

> Requirements

This application has only been tested on the Nokia 5800 and requires Python v.1.4.5 (higher versions will not work!) to be installed in your phone memory.

Please install the following files to your phone memory:

> Download

> Installation

  1. Install the signed version of Python For S60 v1.4.5 to your phone memory. (higher versions will not work with this App!) 
  2. Install the signed version of PythonScriptShell v1.4.5 3rdEd to your phone memory. (higher versions will not work with this App!) 
  3. Install the signed version of AppSwitcher v1.0.3 Python Module to your phone memory. 
  4. Install the signed version of Music Player Sleep Timer - v2.0 to your phone memory. 
  5. Run the application called Sleep Timer
  6. Click on Options at the bottom and select Start Timer
  7. Set the time and click OK
  8. Leave the application Running or in the Background otherwise the timer will stop! 
  9. Once the timer has counted down to 0 the application will automatically close the music player!

> Troubleshooting

  • It wont install/run!
    Please make sure you have installed all the required applications above and signed them.
    Remember: Higher versions of Python will not work with this App!
  • It is not closing the music player!
    The application needs to be running either open or in the background to work. It will only close the default music player on the Nokia 5800.
    it is untested on any other phone/application!
  • I dont know how to install/sign applications!
    There are plenty of tutorials on the web to help you install & sign applications on your phone. Use Google.
P K,
3 May 2010, 12:21