Site Coordinator Breakout Webinars

Students with disabilities (IDEA and 504) and other special populations can be successful in the online classroom.  Just as with brick & mortar classrooms, such students require extra efforts from the school and from the classroom teacher.  Participate in a discussion and hear IDLA's thoughts regarding addressing the needs of special populations. The special populations include; disabilities, at-risk, and LEP.
Mont Hibbard- IDLA Region 1 Coordinator
Steve Young- Principal, Jefferson Alternative High School

What does and IDLA class look like?
Participants in this session will come away with an understanding of what a typical IDLA class looks like.  Topics covered include navigation of IDLA classes; common types of activities and assignments found in IDLA classes; and the differing types of interaction students can expect in their IDLA classes, including student-to-content, student-to-teacher, and student-to-student.  This session is geared toward professionals new to the IDLA site coordinator role.
Heather Smith

Monitoring and Communicating Tips for Site Coordinators
Monitoring student progress is essential. Learn successful monitoring tips for site coordinators and how to check student progress daily. Communicating with IDLA is critical for student success. Who do you contact when problems do arise? Learn when you should call and find out just where you can go for answers.
Laural Nelson- IDLA Principal and Regional Coordinator
Kody Stimpson- IDLA Curriculum Specialist
Jeremiah Johnston- Principal, Glenns Ferry High School

Kick Start a College Career with Dual Credit
Students can earn college credit taking Dual Credit courses with IDLA. Learn which universities are offering college credit and which universities are offering additional options for students. Bring your questions and concerns and participate in a discussion on the advantages of enrolling your students in Dual Credit courses.
John Miller - CSI Dean of Off-Campus Education and Online Principal
Starting an " Academy" in your school

New Technologies for Registration and Monitoring Students
The session will include new helpful technologies for site coordinators and a discussion on technology issues and solutions in local school districts. Participants will walk away from this session with a list of strategies to share with local technology coordinators
Ryan Gravette- IDLA Technology Director
Dean Jones- Instruction Administrator, Boise School District
Steve Branting- Director for Gifted and Innovative Programs, Lewiston S.D.

Innovative Educational Leadership
The demands and challenges that are put on today's school leader are at a tipping point and are forcing school leaders to be more innovative in how they approach school leadership.  In this breakout session, learn how technology can aid in meeting many of those challenges, and help in the shift from a traditional "monolithic" approach of teaching and learning, to a more "modular" individualized teaching and learning approach.  See what our educational system could look like with an innovative leadership approach while embracing the potential of technology.
Chris Rapp- IDLA Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Mike Caldwell- IDLA Director of Supervision and Development

Pirate/Savage Academy Webinar
Come see how an innovative Idaho principal has found a way to provide over 90 additional courses to students in his district while saving the district over $90,000. Find out how those students are passing at nearly 100% success rate while taking course options that were not previously offered at their local school. This principal will share what he views as the key indicators for success and how this approach can be implemented at your school. 
Benjamin Merrill - Principal of Notus Jr. Sr. High/Online Principal for IDLA 
(This archive will serve to replace "Starting an "Academy" in your school" which was aired on 3/9/09 yet not archived)