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Blended Learning combines face-to-face instruction with online instruction, benefiting from the best features of each mode of teaching. Blended resources can be used to enhance curriculum, individualize instruction for different students, extend the “class hour” beyond the confines of the clock, and track student activity and assignments. Find out how this resource can be leveraged in your own district or classroom!
Presenter: Kody Stimpson, IDLA Curriculum Specialist

Come see how an innovative Idaho principal has found a way to provide over 90 additional courses to students in his district while saving the district over $90,000. Find out how those students are passing at nearly 100% success rate while taking course options that were not previously offered at their local school. This principal will share what he views as the key indicators for success and how this approach can be implemented at your school. 
Presenter: Benjamin Merrill - Principal of Notus Jr. Sr. High/Online Principal for IDLA

"The Whole is exponentially greater than the sum of all the parts."  This is a quote that we often hear, but sometimes fail to apply.  This concept is the philosophy of Idaho Blended Schools.  Idaho Blended Schools is built around the framework of school districts from the same regions of Idaho and the Idaho Digital Learning Academy working together in a cooperative and collaborative manner to deliver standards based curriculum, on a flexible schedule, with shared highly qualified teachers.  The concept of Idaho Blended Schools could prove to be the answer to the challenge of providing an alternative school choice in your district.

In this one hour webinar we will take a look at the Entrepreneurial Economics course offered by IDLA, and how that differs from the traditional Economics course offered in the state of Idaho. Students and site coordinators will get a taste of the course content to help them determine whether or not this course is for them. All students (or site coordinators) of students interested in Entrepreneurship are encouraged to attend!

Get a Service Learning Program overview for Highlands Elementary, see successful Youth Voice & Choice examples, learn whats happening with New American Students. Learn about the Wendell Middle School Service Learning program.   
Presenters: Gayl Loutzenheiser from Highlands Elementary & Dani Bonawitz from Wendell Middle School