Yavapai & Lower Mohave County TIS

Presentations & Staff Development Workshops

The Statewide Instructional Technology project provides high quality professional development to educational agencies throughout Yavapai & Lower Mohave Counties.  Offerings will align with the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s technology and curriculum initiatives, including IDEAL and math.

Increased student achievement in the core academic areas is the basis of all training and will include a variety of methods for delivering instruction:  Direct classroom delivery, hands-on computer use and inclusion of media support such as print, video and CD’s.

Intel Teach  Workshops:  Thinking with Technology and the Intel Essentials courses.

Today’s students need to analyze complex issues and solve problems in a collaborative world.  The Intel Teach  workshops were created to help teachers develop K-12 students’ critical thinking–a vital 21st century skill–while useing existing curriculum and aligning to state and national standards.

Thinkfinity training from the Verizon Foundation is also offered.

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