ideaborn International Art Contest

Ideaborn is committed to the principle that Art is a human requirement and it is essential for the development of our societies as a whole.

Mi Universo


By Douglas Rivera Córdova.

Mixed oil on cardboard,

30x28 cm,

Bolivia 2020.

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All the images of each edition of the ideaborn Art Contest are subjected to copyright and they cannot be used without the artist permission. The views and opinions expressed by the published artworks are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of ideaborn.

THE EDITION OF 2020 HAS ACCEPTED ENTRIES from the13th of MAY to the13th of JULY!

The Call ends at 23.59 (GMT+2) Spain time zone // La convocatoria finaliza a las 23.59 horas (GMT+2). No email or other material will be accepted after this time.

Online Art Competition

The 2020 Art Gallery

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About the Art Contest:

WHAT DOES THE CONTEST AIM TO? Ideaborn has organised its International Online Fine Arts Contest every year since 2012. The Contest has the aim to select and purchase an artwork that will reflect our values among the future year. The winning artwork will also be printed as a New Year's greeting card and sent worldwide to our friends, donors and partners!

WHO WE ARE? Ideaborn is an international consultancy mainly focused on the promotion of human rights worldwide particularly in developing countries with and for the most vulnerable communities. Ideaborn provides its technical assistance in the main areas of the rule of law, peacebuilding and good governance.

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(our contest generally runs during spring and summer time every year):

The theme of the competition is to represent the deeper identity such as culture, history and everyday life of a developing country in Asia, Africa, Latin and Central America. Those countries are the main area of intervention of our organization, within this contest we are looking for an artwork able to express a snapshot of those societies. The author must have a strong linkage (personal or professional biography) with the place and-or the culture that he-she decides to represent and, he-she must be aged 30 or under.

A prize of 1.000 (one thousand) Euros will be awarded to the artwork that the jury, invited by ideaborn, considers best represents the theme of the Contest. Our Jury is composed by artists and practitioners.

Have a look at Ideaborn Art Contest Jury 2020 and Evaluation & Final Prize page.

Origins of the Ideaborn Art Contest:

The ideaborn art collection started in 2009, in order to encourage art in developing countries and to use the purchased artworks as Christmas/New Year greeting cards.  

In 2012 ideaborn transformed its commitment to the world of art into an international art competition and it  managed to launch the online competition by creating its own website and reaching young artists all around the globe!

The theme of the competition has been designed to enable young artists to give a cross-sectional insight into everyday life or an aspect of it in one of the countries thus defined as developing countries, countries in which ideaborn implements its projects in the area of human rights, the rule of law, peace-building and good governance. 

This theme aims also to open up a space for reflection between young people, the art entourage and the international  community and, to enhance visibility to the career of the young artists.

All the participants artworks will be published on our website

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