Mrs. Yost's Class

Educational Philosophy

I believe a school is a place where students should be taught skills needed to be active and informed members of their society, as well as learn what they are passionate about. It is a teacher's job to push students to reach as high as possible and never limit their expectations by telling them something would be too hard or unrealistic for them to achieve. The teacher is also responsible to teach them proper work ethic and that if they work hard their dreams are closer to coming true. Students should use school as a place to experiment and grow, learning new skills. With these learning experiences comes the unfolding of certain talents that with proper motivation and teaching can turn into carriers or spark desires to learn more. Students should always be pushed, encouraged, and helped by teachers to reach more than the status quo and schools should be a safe environment where everyone works together to make that happen.

Classroom Management Plan

I believe Classroom Management is the key component in any educational setting. I believe that if students are in a safe environment, then learning can take place. This does not necessarily mean punishing behavior problems but rather a combination of setting the tone in a class, preventing behavior problems with interesting and engaging curriculum, and effectively including all students in the classroom so that their needs are met. Having the right environment for all students to learn is my major goal of implementing good classroom management--without it, the students would not be able to learn.

Daily Procedures

All math students come in and pull their notes out and start working independently on the task on the board. Students notes will be checked every Wednesday for a grade. They should be taking notes to create their own "textbook" to accompany them over the next three years (Math 1- Math 3). We will then move on to the classroom discussion and teaching of the current concept. The last fifteen to ten minutes of class is used to begin homework. This gives the students the opportunity to ask me questions before they go home for the night.

About Me

I am originally from the San Francisco area and moved to Idaho seven years ago. I grew up in a small town right on the California coast and lived four blocks from the ocean. My mother was born and raised in Iran and my first language is Farsi. I have two sons, a six year old and a two year old. I will be teaching Personal Finance, Pre-Math 1, Math 1, Math 2, and Art History at Idaho Arts Charter School for the 2018-2019 school year.

I attended college at Pacific University, University of California Berkeley, Boise State, and College of Idaho. I have Bachelor Degrees in Art, Anthropology and Sociology and I am currently working on my master's degree in Educational Technology.

My Teaching portfolio is located at Mrs.Yost Portfolio


Useful Facts for Parents and Students

  • I allow re-takes for a replacement grade on all quizzes and test if corrections are completed
  • Students will do skills in Khan Academy each week to help provide supplemental problems on concepts
  • I try to run a peer tutoring program but it is volunteer-based so space is tight. If you would like me to try and get a peer tutor for your student please let me know.

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