Effective August 6, 2018, families can apply for free/reduced meals through our on-line Point of Sale (POS) Mealtime at www.mymealtime.com/apps. You may also download a hard copy and submit it to the school kitchen Manager at either school. To obtain a hard copy, to be printed off and filled out, just click the link to the left "Free and Reduced Applications Forms".

August 2018 – New School Year

Due to our low approved participation in the Free/Reduced Child Nutrition Program, we no longer qualify for free breakfast through the state program.

Students will be charged for breakfast according to their lunch status, determined through the application process, SNAP, or Direct Certification. The cost is as follows:

  • Free Status – Free Breakfast
  • Reduced Status - $0.30
  • Paid Status - $1.45

Upgrade in Point of Sale – Lunch Room Cashier System

  • Parents will receive an automated e-mail when their student(s) has a low or negative balance.
  • The new cashier system will no longer allow charges on student’s lunch accounts past the following balance amounts.
    • Elementary -$6.90 (equivalent to 3 lunch charges)
    • Middle and High School -$5.20 (equivalent to 2 lunch charges)
  • If a student tries to charge past the allowable amounts the following will occur.
    • Elementary – student will receive a Cheese sandwich, cheese stick, white milk. Parents will be contacted.
    • Middle and High School – lunch will not be provided. Parents will be contacted.

Parents will still be able to set up an account to pay for their students on www.mymealtime.com. This also provides the ability to monitor their balances and get notification when they have low funds in their lunch and breakfast accounts.

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