Topics--Middle School


Exploring an Empire: Hammurabi’s Expansion of Mesopotamia 

Athens and Sparta: Military Encounter and Exchange

Exchanging Musical Performance for Morale: Captain Glenn Miller’s Contribution to World War II

World War II War Brides: The Exchange of Cultures

Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland--Exchanging paths around the world

Hugh Glass: Exploring the west, Encountering death

Exploration and Ice--Robert Peary and  the north pole

Ada Lovelace--Exploring computer programming in 1840

Galileo--Exploring the universe, encountering resistance

Rudolph Roessler--The allies’ exchange with an undercover German decoder

War of the Worlds:  Encounter with Martians and dramatic radio

The Spark that Ignited a Flame: China’s Explosion  into Gunpowder

The Exchange of Disease: Encounters between Europeans and Native Americans in the Colonial Era

The Silk Road and Cultural Exchange

Expanding the Boundaries of Dance: Martha Graham

Apollo 13 and the Exploration of Space

Ed Pulaski and his encounter with the Fire of 1910 (Idaho Topic)