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About Me

This school year will be my eighth year teaching and my fourth year at Idaho Arts Charter School.  I have my Science degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, my Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America, and my Masters degree in Secondary Education from Utah State University.  

I am originally from the Denver Colorado area but have lived in many different states with my previous profession as corporate management with fine jewelry companies merchandising and planning departments. My wife and I have two grown daughters and twin cats.

My passions are learning about and teaching science, sculpting stone, designing jewelry,  collecting rock specimens, and fishing.

Contact Me

If you ever have any questions about the class, assignments, or science in general please contact me via e-mail or phone.

Issac Bradfield
208-463-4324 ext. 430

Educational Philosophy

Philosophy of education: 
My philosophy of education is that all children should be offered the opportunity to learn in a safe secure location and manner the basics of universal knowledge so that they might be literate, informed, trained, and inquisitive members of their community and country.  The reasoning behind this is that these children are the future citizens and leaders of the society that we all live in.   It is imperative that these children have an appropriate level of education and understanding of their world to intelligently make choices for all of us on the medical, environmental, ethical, and social issues of our future.  As humans I feel we are intellectually responsible to continue to learn as much as we can during our lives.

I feel that the purpose of education starts with a basic understanding of the major subjects and how they relate to the students world.  Education then needs to provide higher level education on subjects that the individual wants to explore.  A base level of educational knowledge is necessary to begin to compete with others for employment opportunities.   By having a basic education this allows the individual the opportunity to gain access to higher levels of learning and additional economic skills in the marketplace.  Socially this education provides the next wave of employees the ability to work for commerce, industry, and taxpayers for our country and cities. 

Welcome to Science with Mr. Bradfield!

I look forward to working with all my students on exploring the scientific wonders of our world.