Tuesday 20th -- Friday 23rd December, 2011 at Mysore

The Mysore Park Workshop series is a forum to promote research discussion in Computer Science and Engineering in India, through workshops on contemporary topics modeled after the Dagstuhl Workshop series.  There is particular emphasis on the overall quality of discussion. To keep quality high, participation is limited to experts from academia and industry.

More on Mysore Park Workshops.  This particular workshop will concentrate on the following themes:

  1. Recognition: We want to be able to recognize  attributes, poses, and if applicable, activities of whatever is in the scene:  people, animals, objects.  
  2. Data-Driven Vision: As seen elsewhere in computer science,scalability in the Internet era posses additional challenges.  We wish to address relevance, ranking, and work in consonance with non-visual data, and potentially produce usable data sets.
  3. Mining Videos:  Videos have become omnipresent, but the data is overwhelming. We would like to segment, summarize, compress, edit  and re-target videos.
  4. Digital Heritage: India has a vast cultural heritage and showcases diversity to the world.  We wish to reconstruct, restore, and disseminate her cultural knowledge so that it becomes available to every remote corner.

Contributors to the workshop can be found here.

Note:- Alcohol is not allowed inside Infosys campus. Please don't bring any alcoholic beverage (wine, beer etc.) to the campus.