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September 2016

Sustainability Student Leadership Day 2016

On the 5th of August, a group of seven students represented Brentwood at the “Sustainability Student Leadership Day”. The program was held at the Werribee Open Range Zoo, hosted by Environment Education Victoria. The day was titled ‘Noah’s Ark’ and the question given to us to answer by end of the day was “Can humanity survive without wildlife?”. The program allowed students to improve their leadership skills, by interacting with other students from a variety schools in order to come up with ideas surrounding the question. We had the opportunity to learn about different animals including the endangered Australian species, Eastern Barred Bandicoots. We also enjoyed sharing ideas with individuals who share the same passion to protect our environment.

The students were also split into groups to discuss many questions that were based on the ‘Noah’s Ark’ theme. Can humanity really survive without wildlife? How important is wildlife in today's society? Is it required to build a ‘Noah’s Ark’ in future to conserve our wildlife? The students were then given time to combine their ideas and present them to the whole team.

The students were also provided with many more resources by Werribee Zoo to take home, including a broad spectrum of knowledge. They were invited to join the beads for life program and were provided a mobile recycling bin to bring back to school. This program made sure all the students were able to appreciate the unique world they live in.

To finish off the day we took an exciting journey on the safari bus, where we were able to get up really close to the animals in open range enclosures, which were very close to their natural habitat.

As a follow up action from the leadership day, the Green team has placed the mobile phone recycling bin in our school library. We request staff, students and parents to use this bin to recycle their old mobile phone. Brentwood has managed to collect nearly 10kg of old mobile phones over the last two years and send them for recycling.

Jenny WOANG and Lekha KRISHNA, Year 11 Environmental Science Students

UN Youth Sustainability Summit 2015

On 14 September, members of Brentwood’s Green Team participated in the United Nations Youth Sustainability Summit in central Melbourne, a conference run by the UN youth organization. The summit was a day long forum dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to explore the theme of a rapidly growing and changing global community and the challenges it may face. Within the program we were addressed by many speakers, including activist Jonathan La Nauze (Healthy Ecosystems Program Manager, Australian Conservation Foundation), Sam Loni (Global Coordinator, Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth) and Corina Ritchie (Victorian Coordinator, SEED Indigenous Youth Climate Network), this inspired greater awareness of the shifting climate and its ramifications.

Throughout the day we were divided into workshops where contentious topics, such as climate, natural resource, food security and development were discussed. This provided us with new concepts and a better insight. Furthermore, we had the chance to trial a mock Climate Change Treaty, which was proven to develop our interpersonal skills through cooperating with other students to produce a desirable outcome. Overall, it was proven to be a productive day that ultimately strengthened and cemented concepts of climate change, whilst being inclusive of its vast implications. We can say we believe the day was a great success and that we are extremely enthusiastic in visiting more seminars and events akin to this in the upcoming future.


Kids Teaching Kids 2015

On 11 September, six students from the Green Team participated in this year’s Kids Teaching Kids Program (KTK) hosted by Silverton Primary School, Noble Park. KTK aims to inspire future environmental leaders, who hope to carry on the message and help spread awareness of environmental sustainability.

During the day, we participated in different workshops that focused on the impact of humans on the environment and the consequences. We presented a workshop on energy resources in which the other students were taught about the advantages and disadvantages of renewable and non- renewable energy, through the use of a play and an engaging activity. The former was a retelling of the movie, ‘Monsters Inc.’, connecting the characters and themes in the story to portray the renewable energy of the world. On the other hand, a popcorn activity was used to demonstrate the decline of non-renewable energy resources.

Overall, the day was a great success as we picked up new leadership qualities, including team building, being patient while listening to others and problem-solving skills.


Sustainability Conference 2015

On the 24 August, eight students from Brentwood attended a Sustainability conference at the Somers School Camp. This group comprised of the Green Team leaders, SRC representatives and year 12 Environmental Science students. The conference focused on how to take humanity into the future after

an apocalypse. Over the course of the day students participated in various team building activities and learnt new skills, including orienteering and archery. Through getting to know other likeminded individuals, all the students formed connections and friendships within the Victorian school network increasing the sense of community.


‘Life on Mars’ – Environment Student Leadership Day 2014
On Wednesday 22 October, eight selected students from years 9 to 11 represented Brentwood in the Environmental leadership day. This was run at the Victorian Space Science Education Centre and allowed students around Victoria to collaborate and discuss ‘Whether Mars is a viable place to live if Earth is no longer suitable for humanity’.
Each student was assigned a certain specialist area out of energy, atmosphere, health, urban planning, water/waste, architecture and agriculture. We then attended a three-hour discussion and activities, which identified the different aspects and fundamentally how it is relevant to humanity thriving on Mars. After the discussion, students were then put into groups that contained a person from each specialist area and worked together to finally conclude if Mars is an option for humanity.

The day was extremely interesting and effectively tested our communication, collaboration, problem solving and public speaking skills. We also got to experience a guided tour of a model of Mar’s surface, experiencing first-hand what living on Mars would be like. The day ended with a presentation on the different careers in the environmental field and an explanation of how the different skills we have, especially communication skills, can be more important when applying for a tertiary institute than how much knowledge we have. It was an extraordinary day and has really helped my peers and I understand the applications of our environmental science education.
- Nicholas McEniry, Captain, BSC Green Team