Bottle tops for Bruno - update! You can collect any kind of plastic bottle caps, not just PET

145 participants     1,007,690 tops       1595.43 kg

Bottle top Day @ ICS

26th May
please count your bottle tops 
& bring them to be weighed

This is Bruno

He is 15 years old and lives in Italy. he suffers from a degenerative motor disease severely impairing movement and he needs a specially adapted wheelchair. 

Helping Bruno is easy!

Step 1
collect plastic bottle tops from drinks and other bottles
Step 2
wash the bottle tops
Step 3
Count how many you have
Step 4
Bring in your bottle tops 26th May to be weighed

ICS target: 3 garbage bags full of bottle tops
Caminheiras de Maria campaign target: 4.5 tonnes

Special thank you to Packsys Global & Emma L 
for their amazing donation of 975,000 of tops!

Round Square @ Packsys Global

Caminheiras de Maria is an organization which collects PET bottle tops and donates the materials to a company; which in turn purchases a wheelchair for a needy child. The organization is about to complete a project in Portugal and they are looking to begin a new campaign in Italy help out Bruno. 

Primary Round Square Club is leading the campaign to collect bottle tops within our school community. ICS families can collect plastic bottle tops over the next 6 weeks, then to bring in their collection 25th -29th May to be counted and weighed.

The actual collection part of the campaign lasts a week, which will help to minimize the impact of storage and clutter at the school. This also allow families to collect a larger number of bottle tops to contribute prior to that time.

Due to the high number of bottle tops needed (4 – 5 tonnes!) ICS would not be able to make the whole donation needed towards a wheelchair but we as a school community are going to contribute towards the final total.