Selected Papers from the Forum published in the Data Science Journal (30 October 2014)
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International Polar Data Forum Communiqué

We are pleased to announce the release of a Communiqué highlighting the recommendations and observations emanating from the International Forum on 'Polar Data Activities in Global Data Systems'.
In this two-page document, Forum participants (comprising of data managers, scientists, and research coordinators) share their observations about the current state of polar data activities and their recommendations for enhancing and sustaining core data services into the future.
A copy of the Communiqué can be downloaded here (PDF):

Scope of the Forum 

The International Polar Year (IPY; 2007–2008) was the world’s most diverse international science program. IPY greatly enhanced the exchange of ideas across nations and scientific disciplines to reveal the status of, and changes to, planet Earth as viewed from the polar regions. The scientific results from IPY are only now beginning to emerge, but it is clear that a deep understanding will require creative use of myriad data from many disciplines. Many of these projects provided well-coordinated observation platforms, and many continue in the post-IPY era. The huge amount of data accumulated during and after IPY should be its most important legacy; if those data are well preserved and utilized.