A Workshop© Way School

What is Workshop Way©? 

Workshop Way© is a system of human growth for education developed by Sister Grace H. Pilon, Sister of the Blessed Sacrament.

View Short form video here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie7RXcUADSs&feature=youtu.be

View Long form video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu4RT_IOyeE&feature=youtu.be

Workshop Way©:

  • Provides a holistic and systematic approach which enables students to learn how to learn, learn how to think, and learn how to manage their lives

  • Recognizes the uniqueness and value of each student’s way to learn, to grow and to develop

  • Promotes living and working within the community

  • Involves all students in their own process of growing and learning

  • Uses best practices based on current research

  • Enables 100% of the students to access grade level content

  • Provides the means to differentiate instruction to meet student needs

By recognizing the uniqueness of each student and teaching the student how to think and learn, Workshop Way©:

  • Enhances the Catholic identity of the school by valuing the faith formation of every individual

  • Creates the environment where the unique faith emphasis of the school (e.g.,  Discipleship = Think, Talk and Act like Jesus) can be nurtured

  • Strengthens the academic program through increasing student desire for knowledge using grade level academics in a system that respects them as individuals, frees them from fear and allows them to be themselves

The Four Major Goals of Workshop Way©:

  1. To satisfy basic human intellectual needs
  2. To sharpen sense powers (see, hear, speak and order)
  3. To grow human skills (initiative, independence, responsibility, courage, creativity, risk-taking, honesty, self-confidence, go and stop power (ability to know what is done and why)
  4. To develop basic abilities of consciousness (learning capacity, concentration, listening, making choices, handling consequences, precise thinking, critical thinking)

The teacher in a Workshop Way© classroom creates an environment where students have:

  • Freedom from fear (Respect governs all interactions and learning situations)

  • Freedom of movement with a purpose (Students can move about the room to get assignments and materials)

  • Freedom of position and location for work (Students can choose where to do assignments)

  • Freedom of conversation while working  (School talk is always okay)

  • Freedom of choice frequently throughout the day (Students use the Workshop Way schedule of tasks)

Workshop Way© uses special techniques and strategies to empower students:

  • The Homework Vocabulary Project: designed to provide 100% of the students the skill to handle grade level vocabulary through an orderly and sequential pattern of lessons

  • The Six Group: small groups of 2-6 students working with teacher to re-teach material or to offer enrichment opportunities

  • The Five Step Lesson Plan: a systematic approach to ensure 100% of students have equal opportunity to learn content and can be used in all content areas and across all grades

  • Instant Personality-Phonics: comprehensive phonics program based on literacy standards (grades K-3)

  • Workshop Way Task Schedule™: schedule of up to 30 activities posted daily to engage and challenge students in grade level academics

These strategies and techniques are designed for attention to both grade level content and to help children discover their power to learn, to think and to manage the work and their time.