Parents wishing to enroll their children at Immaculate Conception School must provide the following documents:

  • Completed registration form
  • Completed tuition payment plan (unless receiving full tuition aid from EdChoice vouchers or private tuition assistance program)
  • Immunization record for each child
  • Birth certificate for each child
  • All data and information required by the State of Ohio for students who are eligible for an EdChoice voucher, such as last four digits of Social Security number of child and proof of residence
  • Immunization record
  • Transfer of records request

Students are admitted to Immaculate Conception School on a priority basis:

  • Siblings of children currently attending school
  • Children of registered parishioners
  • Children whose families are members of another Catholic parish
  • Children of other faiths

No student will be excluded from Immaculate Conception School solely because of race, color, religion, sex, national and ethnic origin, or ancestry.

If space is not available, parents may place their children on a waiting list.  Priority on the waiting list will follow the same criteria listed above.  The date of registration in the parish and the date of registration on the list will be used to place students, if necessary.  In no case will students already enrolled in school be excluded from school to make room for new students in the parish.  However, continued non-payment of school tuition and school fees and/or previous discipline warnings will be a deterrent to re-admittance.

Registration of current students for the next school year will be in the spring.  It is assumed that those who do not register will not be returning to Immaculate Conception School for the next school year.  Therefore, the child’s place may be given to someone else who registers on time.  Students will not be considered registered until all previous tuition and school charges have been paid in full.

Age for Admission to Kindergarten and First Grade

The Ohio Revised Code (Section 3321-01) provides that no child may be admitted to kindergarten or the first grade of a public or non-public school unless he/she is five or six years of age on or before September 30 of the year of admittance.

Children who become five or six before September 30 are “of age” for kindergarten and first grade respectively.

Upon request of a parent/guardian all underage candidates for kindergarten or first grade could be referred by the principal to a certified psychologist.  The criteria for admission of underage pupils to the kindergarten or first grade are found in the Elementary Administrator’s Guide, copies of which are available from the Archdiocesan School Office.