Destiny Quest

                                               Welcome to the Library!                         

What's New at the Library?

This week students will be participating in the National Hour of Code. They will be learning with activities that include coding and computer language activities.

What is the Maker Space?   
The Maker Space is a an area and opportunity for students to learn different resources, explore new concepts, collaborate, create and invent with them. 

                                Students will get to experiment with resources such as: 
                  *Ozobot Robots    *Marbles and simple machines    *Legos    *Little bits      
                                       *Paper Circuits       *Beebots        *Makey Makey                                      
                                                                                                                                                THIS MONTH                               2nd Grade: Marble Machine Mayhem                           

          2nd Grade students will experiment with marbles and simple               machines to experiment, invent, and complete challenges as choice                                              for recess.                                                                                                                                    

Looking for a Good Read?

        Check out these recommendations from teachers, fellow students, and the librarian! 

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