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Thank you for your continued support, please check your classroom sites for real-time information.

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Check the Principal's Corner under the Office page (located just above the Preschool)

Welcome to the IC Schools internal website dedicated for parents, teachers and school administration. Users will find the site particularly useful in specific issues such as classroom pages, looking at classroom information, homework, resources, and more.

The individual classroom pages are maintained exclusively by teachers.  Parents are still responsible for information sent home in hard copy and in the weekly PTO pouches.

If you have any questions regarding the information posted on the classroom pages, please contact the teacher or school administration.

To volunteer for tuition credit hours - call us at 586.574.2480

 For more information on Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Schools, visit our official school website at: www.icschools.org


Immaculate Conception Catholic Schools provide students with academic excellence, instruction in the Byzantine Catholic faith and Ukrainian language, history and culture. 




Immaculate Conception Catholic Schools envision our students achieving personal success and spiritual growth through active participation in the Catholic Faith and appreciation for their heritage.