Welcome to the 2016/2017 IC School Year!!

Dear Families!

Welcome to all the families of the upcoming 2016/2017 school year!  We are excited to begin preparation for a year full of learning and growing.   This packet is designed to provide you with valuable information to use as a guide for the Kindergarten curriculum.   As always Immaculate Conception Schools are providing students with the best learning experience.  Next year, your child will have the opportunity to engage learning through two teachers creating an enhanced instructional base, providing two individuals to build meaningful relationships, a networking model and most important a positive social and academic environment. Mary Ann Prysiazniuk and Eileen Nolton will be the co-teachers.  Each teacher will specialize in specific academic areas throughout the day as well as complete cross curricular activities bringing cohesiveness and flow to the curriculum.  This rigorous curriculum will create further opportunities for differentiated teaching helping your child become independent and well-rounded socially and academically.

            Kindergarten is a special time for children.  This is the time when children learn to become independent from parents.  Skills learned in kindergarten focus on social skills, emergent literacy (pre- and early reading skills all the way to reading), and math readiness concepts.  Children often times enter the kindergarten at very different levels of skills and development.  It is for this reason that all students will enter this very transitional school year on a six-week probationary period.  During these early six weeks of school your child will be assessed to determine their developmental levels and maturity.

            Your child will learn pre- reading skills including rhyming, letter blending, sight word vocabulary, and early writing skills.  In time, you can expect your child to grow in confidence and ability to read and write at self-determined levels of maturity.  Literacy activities to reinforce these concepts include songs, poetry, word play, oral language opportunities and parent intervention.

            Mathematical concepts are introduced and reinforced using the textbook and hands-on group work.  Science and social studies concepts are also introduced utilizing our newly implemented textbooks.

            Students will also be attending various “specialty classes” during the year including library, gym, computer, art, and music.  Ukrainian and Religion are core subjects.  Many hands- on holiday and content related projects within the classroom will take place.  Please be generous and understanding if the class may need some extra donations to make projects exciting and interesting

            The beginning of the year in kindergarten is an anxious time for both parents and children alike.  Anticipate that it may take a few weeks for your child to adjust to the new surroundings and new friends.  Tears and potty accidents are normal reactions to change.  Please support your child during this time by positively encouraging their new independence.  We are looking forward to working with you and your child to help him/her reach their maximum potential.